Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shirt Dress

Ah, I had all the intention to do an outdoor photo shoot this morning when I was out with my mom's cousin but totally forgot.
I had been wanting a shirt/cargo dress for a while. Found this one at an outlet location of a Turkish store callled Koton. I like that it is super thin (t-shirt like) material. Other qualities I like are it has snaps instead of buttons, the selft belt easily comes off and has belt loops, it has side and front wrking pockets. I do wish it was khaki color instead of dusty rose pink as that would have gone with more things but this also works. I plan to wear this dress like a coat over other dresses. Have not tried that combo on to see how it looks. First decided to wear it as it was meant to be. Took out the self belt and used my leather belt instead. Scarf make it a bit more dressy. Again wore the inner skirt. Could have gone either way as far as looks go. But for practicality the inner skirt was a good call. Since it is snap front when the kids were sitting on my lap they come undone easily and the inner skirt allows me to stay covered. The neutral tan sandals go with everything and their ankle cuff style always give the outfits a touch of ruggedness. I am in desperate need of a pedicure but need a good nanny I can leave the kids or have them both sleep at the same time.

Cotton shirt dress - Koton - 62 TL ($40)
Leather Belt - Limited
Scarf - Gap
Sandals - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Inner Skirt - shop in Turkey - 17 TL ($11)

Today's Activities: Very full day today. New nanny came at 8:30 AM, left the house around 9:30 AM to meet my mom's cousin to walk to the convention center and to the park in there. Then we visited his mother which was my grandmother's close friend. When I was a little girl she and my grandma used to take me swimming everyday at our beach house. She loved seeing me and my kids. After lunch at home amazingly both kids slept with little problem. Unfortunately daughter woke up only an hour later. After snacks we went to Grandpa's house, but the kids never went up. My mom came downstairs instead and took them for a walk and play time while I visited my very sick Grandpa. Once he went down for rest, my cousin took me and the kids to a shopping center. Found an indoor play area there called PlayBarn. A little pricey but very nice. Kids loved it. We ate at my uncle's restaurant at the shopping center and then had them play a bit more there before coming home for bed time. After that, left the nanny at home and went to Grandpa's again for a few more hours. Hoping to find another nanny tomorrow as this one barely speaks Turkish (she is Russion) and she is not able to entertain or communicate with the kids. Under no circumstances can I leave the her alone with the kids when they are awake so it won't work. I need to spend more time at Grandpa's house so someone we can trust and the kids love is vital right now. 

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