Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peaking under denim

So, remember I was talking about this look of white inner skirt peaking underneath dresses and skirts? I found one that will work I think. I also remembered I have this very thin white eyelet skirt back at home in U.S. that might also work but for now I bought this one here. It also helps lengthen the mini skirts. Bought this denim dress here. Love it is dark rinse. I wore it with a white seasshell/bead necklace to match the inner skirt. However, decided to tuck it in so it shows the white beads. The denim sandals add lots of embelishment anyway. Also wearing my new earings I got at the Thread Show last month.
The motorcycle is my uncle's... My two cousins and I went downstairs with the kids in the morning to buy fresh bread and 'smit' (similar to bagels). I decided to my photo shoot while we were out. Saw this motorcycle in front of the apartment and asked if it would be OK to post with it. My cousin reminded me it was theirs so it obviously was OK. :)

Denim Dress - boutique in Turkey - $25
Inner skirt - store in Turkey - $12
Denim Sandals - Steve Madden
White necklace - Target
Earings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: My oldest cousin is visiting from Istanbul for a few days. Her, my son and I all slept together last night in her old king size bed. Woke up early together and took them to buy fresh bread. By the time family sat down for breakfast it was lunch time for kids so it worked out nicely. My cousin and I tried to sneak in a farmer's market shopping while the kids were napping but my daughter woke up early and my son never slept so we rushed back home. Went to the shopping center play area again with my boy cousin and his girlfriend. Had a blast. The kids adore them. Trevor rode every single ride pretty much. Came back late just in time for dinner than took them out for ice cream. Oh, while we were at the mall, I bought 3 pairs of awesome pantyhose. One black fishnet with lace detail, one cream all over lace and one brown that has knee high sock detail with bronze satin bows. Super cute. Can't wait to wear them during fall/winter.

Here is my girl cousin and I with the kids on the promenade that the apartment we are staying in resides.
That blue purse is the coach wallet/purse I carry EVERYWHERE so all my valuables are always with me and never in my diaper bag. When I carry normal purses I simply put this inside the purse.


  1. Love the underskirt thing...I've been loving that look as well!
    I can't wait to see the panty hose you purchased..they sound quite cute...perhaps you should post a "sneak peak" photo of them!!

  2. You look fabulous! LOVE those gorgeous earrings.

  3. Oh, this is a lovely look. And I am excited about the new tights! And I HATE it when naps don't work out! Argh. You seem pretty relaxed about it though! It drives me crazy! I just like having things go as expected I suppose! Sounds like you had a lot of fun anyway!!


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