Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sheer Magic

This outfit was put together last minute. Dressed a lot more casual in the morning but in the afternoon we had a true photo shoot for a local magazine so had to dress much nicer. Bought this chiffon top from Mango outlet store for 15 TL ($10). I love its boxy shape and round pretty collar. It had a self belt but I liked it with not belt and boxy over skinny jeans. It would also look great over jean shorts but thought that would be too much leg exposure for the ‘mother’s day’ photo. I liked how the light brown colored heels picks up the earthy tones of the top. And the circular gold necklace compliments the round brass studs on the heels.

Floral Sheer top – Mango - $10
Skinny Jeans – Forever 21
Light brown leather heels – Michael Kors
Gold necklace – Forever 21

Today’s Activities:

Went to Izmir’s new zoo which is called ‘Izmir Dogal Yasam Parki’ with my mom’s cousins. I was utterly impressed with how beautiful it was designed. I did not miss world famous San Diego zoo. The kids loved it. Especially my son who is obsessed with lions got to see both lions and tigers from very close proximity and was hooked. We only got to visit half the park since the kids got tired and hungry and we left after lunch to make it home in time for naps. After naps the magazine crew came to the house to for the Grandmother, mother and kids photo shoot. After that was done we rushed to my Grandpa’s who is going to be hospitalized tomorrow for a liver biopsy. Tough days are awaiting form this point on.


  1. Such a beautiful top!
    Hope everything goes well for your Grandfather.

  2. I hope your grandfather is ok! You look gorgeous in that top!


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