Monday, May 3, 2010

Crochet Vest

This was a look inspired by a photo from Victoria's Secret catalog. The crochet vest there was very pretty and I actually ordered it but after it came I realized it wasn't worth the $49. I bought this one at Forever 21 for $23. I think it looks just as good. I love how these tan sandals look under the cuffs rolled up cargo pants. Thought the brown/green bead necklace goes very nicely with the bird bead dark green leather purse. Of course only used this purse for an hour or so when I went shopping with my mom while the kids were napping.

Cargo Pants - Gap
Pink T-Shirt - Forever 21 - $13
Crochet white vest - F21 - $23
Tan Sandals - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Brown/green bead necklace - from Turkey
Leather purse with bead/bird detail - Thread Show - $90

Today's Activities:  Got my hair professionally blown dry again for $4.50 with tip! Then took the kids for a stroll. Unfortunately had to rush home as my son had a tantrum fit in the middle of the street due to a wolf sticker in the sheet of stickers he picked out for himself. Everybody felt sorry for me and tried to help. I just needed to get home and once he ate lunch he was totally fine. While they were napping my mom and I went to the outlet store of Mango. I love Mango and unfortunately we don't have it in San Diego. Picked out some great stuff at very good prices. Once the kids woke up and ate their snacks we met my cousin and his girlfriend again at the convention center entertainment center which is walking distance. They had fun but most fun was on the grass area afterwards. We also did the swan pedal boat ride on a man made lake there. The boats are super old (from my own childhood days). Action photo below...

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  1. Sounds like fun! Love those shoes so much!! Oh, and you seem like such a calm mom (at least you relate the tantrum story calmly!). I'm impressed. :-) And those swan boots look super cool!!!!


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