Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Photo Today!

Today's Outfit:
Blue Skinny Jeans
Mom's black striped white top
Black converses

If I had a normal day I was going to switch into heels and add mom's coral/red trench and a cool necklace to make this outfit photo worthy. But it was not meant to be...

So, as I mentioned in my post yesterday my Grandpa is not doing well therefore today was a bit chaotic. Not that I did anythin to help but I still had to take care of the kids and most importantly keep them out of everyone's way as they tried to help. I was planning on leaving the kids with the nanny tonight, get dressed up and go see and spend the evening with family and my grandpa. Unfortunately, my nanny broke her arm today and her right arm will be in a cast for a whole month and no one can take care of kids with one hand/arm so she can not work. Normally this is not an issue. I can take care of the kids as I do all the time in the U.S. But, here it means it will be very difficult for me to see my Grandpa or spend any quiet quality time with him without a nanny. Hence, we are looking for a new one asap. At the end of the day my Grandpa is now on an IV and an oxygen mask and as a result feeling better and more comfortable. I hope to see him tomorrow by going straight there after kids wake up from their naps. Hoping mom can entertain them for a bit so I can see him.
Since I spent the evening alone, I did create a dozen or so new outfit combinations for the city life with the few purchases I made while here. Which was badly needed cause I realized majority of my combinations were for the summer town and I was running out of ideas for this month. At least there are some new combo's for me to work with.

Today's Activities:
My daughter was up for couple hours last night and woke up early. So did I. Took my son to get a haircut at my hairdresser and got my hair styled before my nanny left at 10 AM. Took the kids to the convention center to run around and to the playground. Met a Grandmother there with two boys from Australia. The kids ages were days apart from mine but unfortunately they are just visiting for a little bit. My dream to find a suitable playmate for my kids and a playdate companian for me has not been that successful.
After naps (my duaghter slept but my son never did) found out about my nanny. Took the kids out to the bay area where my mom met us. Had them run around/crawl on the grass, throw rocks in the water etc... Then visited the 'Ataturk Museum' that was right there. Since we had no food at home took them out for dinner. Managed to find an equivalent of mac'n'cheese for them so they were happy. I can't even describe how dirty the kids get here. Especially my daughter. She is still not walking and crawling gives her a dirt rag look after just a few minutes. Plus they both eat a little bit of ice cream everyday and get it all over themselves even with bibs. I guess not much I can do if I want them to get exercise....

Promise a more fashion related post tomorrow....

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