Monday, May 24, 2010

In the midst of pigeons

Another combo from my list for this Target Jean Paul Gaulthier dress. I think this is 4th combo I have created with this dress. There is one more yet but will have to wait for U.S. since my platform purple heels were not packed. This vest also was a great purchase as it is a great layerin piece. I saw this ‘using scarf as a belt’ idea in the lucky magazine. Since both the dress and the scarf have prints it is also using the trendy ‘mixing prints’ idea. Denim sandals with rhinestones add a touch of sparkle. My new purple stone necklace is perfect with this outfit I thought.

Dress – Jean Paul Gaulthier – Target
Vest – Forever 21
Scarf (worn as a belt) – Gap
Denim sandals – Steve Madden
Necklace – farmer’s market in Turkey

Today’s Activities: Exploring my grandpa’s neighborhood (I still can’t bring myself to say the word ‘late’). Walked all the way down to a playground that is in the middle of a pretty park. My photo shoot was there. After lunch and naps at home we walked there again. In the afternoon hour it was filled with kids that were out of school. Jam packed my mom and had to watch the kids at all times, but they had a great time. We ordered fish again for dinner. The kids absolutely love the fish here. May be cause it is served like a fish on your plate vs. a piece of square meat in the States. I definitely feel it is much tastier than ocean fish.

Here is a photo from the park with my cutie pie in pig tails:

Here are some cool old buildings I spotted while walking. They left the houses as is and built apartments on top…


  1. Hello Mommy Daphne!
    How are you?
    You look great in purple and your
    daughter is very cute! Love her hair!

  2. I ADORE this outfit!!! BEAUTIFUL! Your mixing of prints is perfect. And your daughter is adorable!


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