Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last minute cameo

This was put together out of necessity. We stayed an extra night at Grandpa's house unexpectedly and I had to create something out of my mom's closet. She had lost of matching outfits but I wanted something I can layer. This is a strapless cameo cotton dress. Strapless is too bare for the city so decided to wear my cream top from the other day and the same belt to add interest. I added the earings after I got back to my aunt's house. It was actually a very comfy outfit. And cameo is great with the kids as it hides stains really well.

Cameo cotton strapless dress - mom's
Cream satin front cotton top - Bebe
Cream/Green with bronze chains belt - Bebe
Gold/Silver/Bronze earings - Mango
Beige ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Woke up super sick this morning. Good think I had picked this outfit the night before cause I didn't want to see anything this morning. Barely got ready and left the house to come back to my aunt's. Unpacked while mom entertained the kids outside. After lunch and naps (only daughter napped) still not feeling great I took them out. First joined mom and her friends at a cafe but they barely survived  so took them to the grass area by the water. They have a blast there. My son running after his ball and my daughter crawling at her heart's desire.  Killed time till dinner there.

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