Friday, May 28, 2010

Ruffled Plaid

Wearing my Mom's blouse today to get some new combo's under my belt. Styled the blouse with a stretch black belt, necklace and sandals. Looking at the photos, might have gone much better with my dark grey almost black skinny jeans, but too late. Took these photos late afternoon.

Sheer plaid blouse with ruffles - Barrowed from Mom
Stretch belt - Forever 21
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Black strappy sandals - Boutique 9

Today's Activities: Went out on a mission to find a puppet theater as part of festival's day 2 but walked for a mile with no luck of finding any activity. Once we realized there will be no show stopped at a real cute cafe with a huge garden. My son played around the pond area while my daughter napped and we shared an ice cold lemonade. Afterwards on our way home we ordered homemade food that was very good and affordable from a nearby restaurant. Ate lunch at home and put the kids down for a nap. Did some grocery shopping while they napped. It is getting pretty warm here and very tiring to walk on the streets. When the kids woke up we left again for more festival activities. Found a fun concert given by high school bands. Then went to a Korean show as a separate activity from the festival. But my daughter was impossible at every event shaking the rope that blocks the stage, screaming, wanting to crawl towards the cords and speakers, touching trash cans. Same way when we got home for dinner. She is just 100% hands full child. My son might be loud and active but he does not damage things most of the time or himself.
Finally got them to bed on time to take a deep breath and hope for a less tiring day tomorrow.

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  1. Cute the necklace peeking out from the top


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