Thursday, May 27, 2010

Layered Dresses

Finally wearing the outfit I attempted to wear the day it started to rain and had to change. Utilizing a eyelet summer dress as an inside layer to a shirt dress. I love the look of eyelet peaking out. I could have opened the top too but was alone running with the kis today and did not want to worry about cleavage. This outfit was once again pretty comfy with the kids. The inside dress keeps my legs covered when I sit and both are cut streamlined so they don't fly when there is wind. The shirt dress has side as well as front pockets which I love for stashing wipes, tissues, keys and lip gloss. :)

Shirt Dress - Koton outlet
Inside Dress - Mango
Belt - Limited
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Necklace  (gold cascading bird) - internet

Today's Activities: Left early for the legal medical dept to finalize the accident report from yesterday. Of course this is Turkey and there was no procedure to anything and after my mom yelled and scream we made sure we did not loose our turn. Got home in time for lunch and naps. After hosting some visitors at home I took the kids out. For the next 3 days there is a local festival here. We first saw a comedy theater show on the street. My son watched it with amazement although I doubt he understood anything as it was not kid content. Then we listened to a great concert. Both kids danced on the stage area and everyone loved watching them. My daughter would crawl and stop and clap her hands. My son has developed all sorts of new moves. Then we sat at a pub (yes, with kids) because it had tables facing the parade and had dinner there. Amazingly the kids behaved really well. Then we saw a kid theater show which was the best. They allowed all the kids to stand up front. My son even made a girlfriend and held her hand during the whole show. We came home just in time for a super quick shower/bath and bed time.


  1. This outfit is fabulous. I really love the two dresses here. And so cute about your son making a "girlfriend"!!

  2. You layered outfit looks great, and cok gecmis olsun, I hope everything is ok.


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