Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Flowers

Going totally spring today. This t-shirt was a designer purchase from New York City's Century 21 years and years ago. I wore it a lot the year I bought it but then years of pregnancy, weight gain and nursing it was collecting dust in my closet. It is very crop but with this waist high skirt it is perfect. The zippers are adjustable to fit your bust size. If you are going to carry a baby it is not most functionaly since the zippers would hurt but with kids my age it was fine. The purse was a cute purchase from Forever 21. I loved the colors, design and the chain strap. The bow is such a cute add-on detail. I originally wanted to wear my adorned denim sandals but thought the silver colors of the chains on the sandals would clash with the gold zippers on my shirt and the gold chain strap of the purse. These cream sandals are OK. If I had access to my vast shoe colleciton probably could have picked something cuter but with only 5 pairs to choose from this had to do. And this outfit is 8th combo for this pink skirt. I am very happy to get such use out of this skirt.

Flowery T-Shirt with Zippers - Versace - Century 21
Pink full skirt - Victoria's Secret
Suede ankle cuff sandals - Victoria's Secret
Chain purse - Forever 21

Today's Activities:
Went to the famous bazaar (Farmer's Market) of a town called Bostanli. They abbreviate it as BosPa (Bostanli Pazari). We took the verry from my aunt's house. Here is a photo of the ferry:

First you go through the food section. Took some photos of the fresh fish and amazing tasting fresh bread:

Above was a guy selling socks. He was so funny wearing them all pinned to his clothes. Too bad I didn't take photos of the clothes section. Not sure why. Guess I was too busy looking at stuff than taking photos. You will see my purchase photos below. After the market, we came home to put the kids down for a very late nap. Left them with the housekeeper and went to a baby shower (but after birth). It was at a very fancy place almost like a wedding. Unfortunately on our way home we had a minor traffic accident. We were sitting in the back and both my mom and I hit our heads and as a precaution they took us to ER to do all sorts of tests which all came negative. It was a long night to say the least.

First is the lace dress below:
It is fully lined. I love the neck, skirt and sleeve trim is also lace. My family seems to think this can even be a suitable dress for a wedding. May be still with booties and long chain necklaces etc... to rough it up a bit.   This was 30 TL ($19).

Below is a Zara dress I found. I plan to find a similar peachy color scarf...Got this for 15 TL ($10).

Below are the 3 beach towels we got. Obvioulsy the daisy and the pluto are for the kids. They were 10 TL ($7). My LV towel which is bigger was 12 TL ($8).
Also bought a few pieces for the kids and a scarf and leggings etc... All were under 5 TL ($3) each...

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