Friday, June 4, 2010

Barrowed Tie Die

Another last minute combination. I am seriously out of outfits on my list that can be worn in the city. We are probably here minimum one more week so need 7 more combinations. The good thing is we are back at my Grandpa's house and I have full access to my mom's closet. So using her pieces to make some new combo's this week. These are her tie die jeans. They are a size big but they hold with a belt. I wore this madonna tank top with my own tie die jeans in the States so it is not that creative. Again felt like I needed to wear something on top as I don't feel that comfortable with a tank top in the city. The jacket is mom's as well. I love how the beaded bib necklaces clashes with the converses. This necklace is slowly falling apart thanks to my out of control 16 month old daughter. Everytime I wear it she damages one part of it. I try to fix it but it won't hold for long.

Madonna Tank Top - H&M
Tie Die Jeans - Mom's
White fishnet crop hoodie - Mom's (Bebe Sport)

Today's Activities: Painful morning waking up early after only a 5.5 hours of sleep. At least the house is fully equipped with multiple commercial grade AC's so it is very comfy. Managed to get the kids fed and dressed and went out for groceries and a stop at a tailor's to get my son's swim suits altered. That much outing was enough given the heat so we returned home. My strolled does not fit in this elevator so it is absolute pain to fold and carry it while managing two kids one of which still prefers to crawl on dirty floors. While they napped I left them with my mom and went to the dentist than got my hair fixed (last time it was too blonde in the front so added a few darker segments in between). To do these things I took the bus for the first time since I was 18 years old (the year I left Turkey and moved to USA)! It made me remember many things. Remember how I said 'in Turkey everyone dresses up' OK, so I really meant the tiny percent of population I am exposed to. Getting on a bus you realize what the real people look like in this country. Definitely not dressy! Even though I have a pretty casual outfit I stood out like sore thumb.  I remembered how you can remain in a bubble here if you wanted to. If you only visit upper class neighborhoods and see only friends and family and obviously avoid public transportation you can manage to not see how the real people live. It is not like the people on the bus were pitiful, it just was obvious they did not have the same advantages we and the people we hang out with do. It would be interesting to see my son's reaction to all this.

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  1. Huh, that is really interesting about the bus!!!

    Also, LOVE this look. It is so super cool. The converse with the necklace, yes, wonderful.


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