Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Skirt over a dress!

Very quickly thought and put this outfit together today. I was pretty much in PJs majority of the day packing. Finally when I was finished enough realized we have to make couple get well and new baby congrat visits so sneaked into my son's room and pulled these items together. The dress underneath is the eyelet summer dress I got at Mango on sale. I wore it layered with the shirtdress a few days ago. This time I went real crazy and wore a skirt over the dress. Then added a thin jean shirt on top but left the buttons open so the eyelet dress peaks out. The black skirt is mini so plenty of eyelet shows from underneath. It was 3 layers on my waist but I don't think it looks too thick. Right? I accessoriezed with with the fringe necklace to cover the exposed cleavage and my new bone leaf ring a gift from my aunt for my son's 3rd b-day. Again used my husbands chain necklace as a bracelet around my silver watch. Since I left my napping daughter at home I could actually ditch the diaper bag and use a puse! My son is posing below doing his superman impression in his new superman t-shirt birthday gift from my cousin.

Jean Shirt - WeiJeil (store in Turkey)
Black Skirt - TJ Maxx
Eyelet dress  (worn underneath) - Mango
Sandals - Boutique 9
Leather purse with bird bead detail - Thread Show
Fringe Necklace - H&M

Today's Activities: Packed pretty much all day. Will be moving from my aunt's house to my Grandpa's house for little over a week until we make the final move to the summer house. Don't plan to really unpack at my Grandpa's house. It is amazing though how much I settled into my aunt and uncle's house. You would think I moved here permanently. They emptied so much closet and shelf and vanity space so I just opened up everything. It took me all day to group it all together.
After packing took my son and visited a relative who had a hip surgery than another frien who just had a baby. Then walked the kids a bit while running some errands. At night we had a nanny at home so took adventage and went out for a beer: My mom, my aunt, uncel and myself.


  1. Looks great! Very good pairing! I've been thinking a lot recently about how to mix and match dresses and skirts and this is a very good example of that!

  2. What a chic casual outfit! I love the denim and the skirt layered over the white piece!

  3. As you say in one of your 10 top fashion rules "it is better to be overdressed than underdressed"!!! Just kidding.. Liked the combination very much, but please do not cover your cleavage, it's not that exposed, don't worry it looks acceptable! By the way would you mind if I ask the brand and no of your blue nail polish, just can't find the right color! I like yours. Thanks. Say hello to everybody..

  4. sensual and very seductive
    you are perfect


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