Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got this shirt with other combo's in mind but wanted to wear it while here so put this together. I would have tied the red scarf a bit more but it was too hot for that. The shirt is long but fitted. It has very light blue thin stripes. The cuffs and neck are white. You can roll up the sleeves and button them for a short sleeved look. If I was home I would have worn something else underneath but on a trip I have to do with what I have. Did not have any accessories today cause we were at a pool outing and did not want to deal with stuff. The shoes once again were the most eye catching item.

Striped Men's Shirt - JeiWei (store in Turkey)
White Tank - can't remember. Probably Target
Skinny Blue Jeans - Closet
Red Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Red Shoes - Cengiz (shoe store in Turkey)

Today's Activities: Unloaded all the suitcases and bags of stuff  from my aunt's house to my grandpa's house early AM. Then went to my mom and aunt's friend's house for a day at the pool. She lives in the fancy suburb area. Huge luxorious house with an amazing front and back yards and pool. The kids loved it. They ran and ran on the nice grass and played by the pool. It was too deep for me so I couldn't really allow them to swim but they dipped a little and still had a great time. Had them take naps there so we could spend the whole day without being rushed.

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  1. I love the shoes!!! I've travelled a lot & I have clothes like that too...someone will say "where'd you get that?" and i say "oh in India or France" Cute outfit! You also made me want a red scarf.


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