Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiger Lilly

Gave the title cause I feel this dress has an Indian Princess feel to it. If you are a mom of a toddler you know the Peter Pan character Princess Tiger Lilly who is the daughter of the Indian Chief. :) My kids also loved the suede soft texture of this dress and so do I. Amazingly the drop waist band is tight enough for my narrow hips to hold. I love how comfy the whole dress is. Since it already has silver studs at the sleeves and waist band decided to go less on jewelry. Chose my cascading leaf earings which go from bronze to silver to steel color. Added the silver chain necklace of my husband which got mixed with my stuff when I packed as a bracelet around my watch. My arabic bronze/silver ring completes the look. Photo is taken in front of the indoor play area we hosted my son's 3rd birthday party today.

Note the hair color job I got today.

Suede look microfiber drop waist dress - Boutique in Turkey (Berlis)
Earings - Mango
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Woke up with wishing my son Happy Birthday. Told him the day he was born while cuddling in bed. Made them both breakfast with eggs and opened a few presents. Then my mom and aunt's housekeeper too the kids while I got my hair colored, cut and mani and pedicure. After lunch and naps (luckily they both took great naps) we left for the indoor play area where we hosted my son's birthday party. Managed to find 4 kids close to his age (grandkids of my mom's friends) and they all had a great time. After the 5 to 7 PM party went to my uncle's restaurant for dinner and came home just in time for bed.
Here I am with the kids at his party... Missing my husband very much...
My son who is obsessed with Lion King got a huge Lion King cake.


  1. Defnecim, happy birthday to Trevor..how time passes so fast.. Your new hair color matches the dress nicely, you look beautiful. I am also so happy that Juliet started to walk, she looks like she is a handful.. Both your kids are adorable..

  2. Happy birthday to your little boy! How fun!

    I love your blog! So nice to find another mommy fashion blogger!! :-)

    And I think Tiger Lilly was a great title for this post, because I am totally seeing the Indian princess vibe!


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