Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Doll

The title comes from this new neckalce I purchased yesterday at a local accessory boutique for 12 TL (approx $8). I love the fabric baby doll with gold chain and colorful tassles and charms. Came with today's ensemble just so I can wear the necklace. Everything except for the necklace is from my mom's closet. Again the items are a little big but I make do with the help of a belt. I bought this T-shirt for my mom as a gift. I love its gold specks. It actually has a cute style when worn outside but I tucked it in cause the shorts are too baggy as it is. I have same style shorts but again at home of course.

See how cute the necklace is?
BabyDoll Charm Necklace - Boutique in Turkey
Gold Speckled white Tee - Mom's (Forever 21)
Jean bermuda shorts - Mom's
Gold Sandals - Mom's (Target)

Today's Activities: It was not as hot today and somewhat overcast in the morning so took advantage and walked to the park. The kids again chased the piegons and rode all the slides. Then it started rainning so we walked very fast back to the house then decided to have lunch out at a restaurant right by the apartment. Today I napped when the kids napped so I can catch up on sleep a little. Woke up to pouring rain so entertained the kids at home. The view was georgous. Once my mom got home my son and I left with my cousin for the shopping center. Picked up his girlfriend on the way. Had dinner at my uncle's place than saw Shrek movie in 3D. My son amazingly sat through the whole movie with the glasses that were way too big on him. We had to keep explainning what was going on but this is Turkey and people talk a lot more in the theaters so it was OK. He went to bed a little past his bedtime but as a very happy boy.

Here I am with my son at the park...


  1. Awww..that is such a cute necklace...and I love the top as well

  2. I love love love hearing about your day! I don't know why, I just love it!

    Oh, and this outfit is so chic. That necklace is awesome!


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