Monday, June 28, 2010


This was a combo I had put together when I first bought this tee from Anthropologie back in the states. It definitely goes with my bright orange shorts. But to really make it over the top I decided to add the hot pink belt. There is both pink and orange in the tee so it works. Here I also added my new yellow watch a gift from my sister and a gold charm bracelet and a gold evil eye ring. I love the denim sandals due to their color with this outfit. I realize the silver chains on them doesn't really go with the gold in the belt and jewelry but oh well.

Flowery Tee - Anthropologie
Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Yellow resin watch - Venigner
Gold charm bracelet - Guess
Evil eye ring - boutique in Turkey
Denim ankle cuff sandals - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Went to the biggest beach in the summer town this morning. Since it was a weekday the mostly over crowded beach was empty and was beautiful. Miles of soft and fluffy white sand and rockless smooth bottom light blue water. Kids once again loved it. After lunch and naps we all got dressed. Dropped off my mom at her cousin's house and went to the famous 'Golden Dolphin' hotel. It wasn't as exciting as I had imagined. We just strolled around for a while and had tea and dessert. Came home to allow the kids run around and play in our yard before dinner. After a choatic dinner (which is always the kids with our kids for some reason) we had more playtime and finally put them to bed. Had a nice quiet evening chatting and playing cards over cocktails.


  1. Pink and Orange is one of my most favorite colour combinations!! I'm loving all the bright colours and bold details in this outfit!

  2. I love pink and orange but can never figure out how to wear it on a regular day without seeming flashy. The touch of blue tones it down nicely.

  3. I picked your blog for a Sunshine Award! So appropriate for your outfit! You look like sunshine! This award is posted on my blog, Pick up your button and share the love.

    CJ - from


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