Thursday, July 1, 2010

Layering handmade necklaces

I put together this combo just so I can wear these beautiful necklace. They are both handmade from a street vendor I bought in the city. I wanted a layered look so tried many pairs on her table and thought this was the perfect combo. One is chain with beads which is not all that great but has this super cute butterfly made out of felt material. The other is made from green silk with hand made crochet balls and flowers. Their orange and light green tone looks great I thought on this cream colored understated sundress. I bought this dress as a layerin piece and have worn it under other dresses and skirts this past month. But it is also a great simple and pretty summer dress on its own. It is lined and has pockets. I love the a-lined skirt. To keep the simple look I went with flip flops and the orange color goes with the necklaces.

Cream sundress – Mango
Handmade crochet necklaces – street vendor in Turkey
Orange flip flops with gold sea star - Twiggy in Turkey

Today's Activities: Left early this morning to drive to a my mom's cousins' house to go to their beach (Boyalik). Their beach is similar to the 'Big Beach' lots of white soft and fluffy sand and clear rock free waters. But it is a bit windy and therefore tiny waves break. Kids had a great time. We had lunch and a beach cafe right on the sand so they could eat french fries between swims. My son loves 'doner' (gyro) and eats a whole adult portion by himself so he was in heaven when we ordered that for lunch.  After nice and long naps we drove to another neighborhood (Dalyan) in the summer town to visit another relative. They live here year round and have accumulated lots of animals: A Dog, Cat, bird, 2 turtles, fish and chickens. The kids loved collecting a fresh egg from the chicken coup and our host cooked it right away for them to eat. We then had take out and came home to eat dinner. At night after the kids went to bed we hosted a couple friend of my mom's for drinks and a nice chat.


  1. Both necklaces are sooo pretty! I love them with your simple dress!

  2. First, this outfit is lovely. I adore those necklaces! So fun to mix and match like that! Good job! And perfect with the white dress!

    And as for your day? Sounds like you had a perfect summer day! Yeah for naps and beach outings!!


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