Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twist on a White Maxi

So, I think this is the third time I am wearing this dress. Firs time I wore it with a white scarf, stone necklace and ankle cuff beige sandals. The second time was with chain necklaces and denim chained sandals. The thing is it is a maxi dress, not much you can really do with it. I got the inspiration for this combo from Zara's window. They had dresses like these with brown leather belts. Of course those dresses for 90TL where as I got this one for 35 TL (approx $25). I was going to wear my own kors heels but they are more mustard color were as these heels of my mom's were a better match. Added my street vendor bought hand made leather and bronze coin necklace and my beach bag to complete look.

White Maxi Dress - from Turkey
Leather Belt - Limited
Brown leather strappy heels - Mom's
Straw and leather beach bag - Zara
Leather and coin necklace - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the beach again (which is going to be a pretty much standard activity for us here). After lunch and naps went to the beach again. Kids just burn so much energy playing in the sand and swimming and getting fresh air without feeling hot it is the perfect and only activity during day time hours. We came a bit early though and still had to kill 1.5 hours before dinner so immediately called around and went to a friend's house for an afternoon tea. It was a house with kids so they had a good time. Stayed home tonight after dinner to play cards over cocktails.

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