Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Got inspired for this outfit when I saw all the crochet dresses in the new Chanel line. I was super excited when I saw this vest in my mom's closet. She also gave me this cream lace looking top which was perfect to wear underneath as it was the same color. It would have looked killer if I had black shorts but the only black bottom I had here was my jeans. These boots look a lot sexier on bare legs. My mom also gave me one shell necklace and one mother of pearl pendant necklace she was not wearing. I layered them here for a great summer look. Also wore my new and early b-day gift from mom which is a large scroll cubic zircone ring.

Crochet Vest - Mom's
Cream lace corset top (worn underneath) - Mom's
Dark grey skinny jeans - CLOSET
Booties - Juicy Couture
Leather Purse - Thread Show
Shell Necklaces - Mom's
Cubic Zircone Ring - B-day gift from Mom

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met some friends for a fun playdate. After lunch and naps decided to ditch the beach and have a backyard 'slip and slide' party instead. Kids had fun and the grass got soaked. Late afternoon left the kids to my mom and the housekeeper and went for a date night. Had dinner at a new port (photos were taken there) then visited another cool beach front hotel but finally went to downtown 'Alacati' for dinner. This town is georgous all historic white stone buildings and cobblestone streets. The restaurants and shops have the cutest themes and decorations. Must go there during the day for a photo shoot one of these days.

Here we are having a drink at the Alacati Port. There was ton of fish in the water below we can feed and watch...

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