Friday, July 2, 2010

Castle Explorer

I got inspired for this combo from a page in a Victoria's Secret catalog. They had paired a similar schiffon top with jean shorts. I would have preserved this top of mine for fall/spring but when I saw the combo with shorts decided to bring it here for a summer look. Although it was a bit hot for today but I survived. It is also not the most practical top with kids as the neckline is very loose and when you pick up kids it can easily slide to show off your bra  so I always had to check myself.  These denim shorts are super comfy and provide the needed coverage but still show off plenty of leg.  I used my denim sandals to pick up the blues in the top. Tried on some necklaces but they were taking away from the top so nixed them all and went these funky earings. My mom was once again not surprised when I picked these out among all the other (normal) accessories in her drawer to barrow from. But then again since starting this blog I am now alwasy drawn to the unique and unusual. They are made from simple leather strings and I think some cheap tin circles. To complete that somewhat hippie look picked this hand crochet purse. This and another one similar to this were found in our summer house. I think they belonged to my grandmother. I kept them and this one was perfect with the outfit. Since we always have to walk and frequently use a lightweight umberella stroller I stopped taking huge diaper bags and instead stick absolute necessities in large normal purses like this one.

Schiffon Top - Anthropologie
Denim Shorts - TJ Maxx
Denim ankle cuff sandals - Steve Madden
Funky fringe earings - Mom's
Crochet Purse - Grandmother's
Sunglasses -Chanel
BACKGROUND: Cesme Castle

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met some relatives/friends who have a grandaughter a year older than my son. After swim time invited them over for lunch and play. Of course my son did not nap as his playmate did not nap. When they woke up although it was warm we decided to explore the castle of our summer town before dinner time. My son was so excited and my daughter loved to walk the long castle corridor's. Lots of stairs and scary lookout points but beautiful water views. My husband is afraid of heights so he was constantly on the verge of freaking out. I did manage to convince him to take a few photos but I guess the sun made them too washed out. The inside museum photos came out the best. Afterwards we went to a cafe that has a nice size 'ride' park. Kids had a good time trying out bunch of rides. We came home for a quiet dinner and put down two exhausted kids to bed.

Here is our one and only family photo on Turkey. Taken on one of the castle towers. Too bad the kids are so unahppy to be posing...

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  1. Well don't you have one good looking family!!
    I love your top...sooo pretty..such a great outfit altogether!


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