Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brown and White

Today's combo consists of items that are pretty simple and plain. But the idea of combining dark brown with white is very crisp and summer. Adding a white frilly scarf with a gold and cream long necklace immediately makes it dressy. To finish it off faded gold thongs with brown bottoms. I added a gold watch and ring afterwards.

We were walking around and as usual my son said 'lets see if I can find a lion' and sure enough shortly after we saw these lion statues in front of the sheraton hotel. Of course had to stop and allow him to climb and take his photos.

Brown linen tank top camisole - La Readoute Catalog
White rolled up shorts - Target
White Scarf - boutique in San Diego
Cream and gold necklace - Forever 21
Gold thongs - Chinese Laundry (about 5 years old)

Today's Activities: The weather was perfect today. Warm and not a wind in sight. After breakfast we went to the beach. It was beautiful but the water was a little cooler so my daughter didn't last long. After lunch kids napped while my mom and I went to the farmer's market to buy a ton of fresh produce. When we came home my hubby was napping so we played with the kids and missed beach time. Instead went for a late afternoon walk (photos above and below). After dinner at home put the kids down and left them with the new housekeeper and went out. This time taking my mom with us. Posting this early as it will be too late when we come back.

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