Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Rain

Posting early today cause as I write this my husband's plane should be landing. After not seeing him for almost 2 months I want to spend lots of time with him and won't have time to log-in tonight.  I thought I wouldn't get to wear this combo during my stay since it is usually too warm but with rain today it was perfect to wear a long sleeve top and jeans. I have always loved pairing black and white or navy and white with a splash of red. Usually use a red scarf but this time went with my comfy red heels instead. And this combo gave me a chance to use the new hand made crochet necklace I bought the other week at a street fair vendor. Kept it long so you can even see the cute bows she put on both sides. I usually wear none to minimum make-up but thought bright red lipstick would be good for the photo shoot. I don't plan to refresh it later though. I kiss my kids way too much throughout the day and would hate to leave lipstick marks on them.

Navy and white striped tunic top (silver studs on shoulders) - Tally WeiJL in Turkey
Dark blue skinny jeans - Forever 21
Red canvas high heels with comfort soles - Cengiz in Turkey
Hand made crochet red and white necklace - street vendor in Turkey
White charm nicklet ring -Swatch

Today's Activities: We were greeted by thunderstorms and pouring rain this morning. So obviously no beach or playing outside. Thank goodness we have covered patios and it is not that cold out so we can sit and watch the rain which is quite peaceful.  Allowed my son to watch more TV than his usual  morning time and got a chance to get ready in peace while the nanny took my daughter on a stroller walk between rain showers. Rain had stopped briefly for us to have lunch outdoors. Of course with minimal activity my son did not nap but did stay in his room duration of his sister's nap time. While which I organized my mom's living room china cabinets and cooked dinner. After naps we had snacks and got ready for our daddy's arrival. Since my son has spoken hardly any English during the 2 months we have been here already not sure how he is going to communicate with Dad but I am sure he will pick it up very quickly. His Turkish needless to say is absolutely perfect.


  1. I really love this outfit..and the pops of red are great!! You look sooo chic!


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