Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silky Shorts

It got a bit cooler in the afternoon so right away wore a combo that might be too many layers for warmer weather. Plus I am going to be sending a lot of jackets and vests and any heavy weighing items back with my husband and this denim vest is one of those items so wearing my last combo during my visit. I got inspired by Chloe's silk shorts that were hot for this season but since I can't afford them bought this pair from F21. They are not exactly silk but have that silky feel and more practical with kids. Decided to ditch the diaper bag this afternoon and fit necessary items in this purse so I can actually have an outfit with a matching purse for the first time in a while. Wasn't sure about the denim sandals but did not have anything better that went with the combo. That double stone ring is actually one ring, it looks great with certain outfits.

Denim Vest - Forever 21
White Tank Top - Closet
Silky Shorts - Forever 21
Fringe Necklace - H&M
Double stone ring - from Turkey gift from Mom
Leather purse with bead and bird detail - Thread Show
Denim ankle cuff sandals with chains - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: It was great to wake up with my husband and of course our son jumping in the middle of us at the break of dawn. They walked together to buy fresh bread while we got breakfast ready. After breakfast walked to the beach. Kids had a blast swimming with daddy. After lunch at home and good naps, including my husband we woke up to a not so sunny weather. But since we had promised my son we did open up the new slip and slide my husband brought and had the kids give it a try on the lawn. Then took them out for a stroll on boardwalk and ice cream. Barely made it to dinner outside but rain is about to come.

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