Friday, June 25, 2010

Seaside Casual

It was too cold this morning for beach so actually wore normal clothes during the first part of the day. I saw this color combo (teal blue tee with khaki shorts) on Jennifer Aniston in a people magazine. Since I had both items thought it was a perfect combo. I added the thick brown leather belt and the beaded long necklace. Was going to use this neclace cause it has brown in it but when I put it on I realized the mint green stones were perfect compliment to the teal tee.

Teal Tee - Target
Khaki Shorts - JCrew
Leather Belt - Limited
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Brown/mint bead necklace - from Turkey very long time ago

Today's Activities: Went to downtown Cesme to walk and eat lunch. Found a mini ride park for kids and an attached cafe which was perfect for the kids. Also gave our current nanny the weekend off so we can try out another lady. She seemed to have warmed up to the kids right away and this lady will also do housework, cleannign and cooking while we have the kids. After lunch we all napped. It was sunny in the afternoon but still windy. Tried out the beach anyway. Kids had a good time playing in the sand and the water was warm but we were all cold when we came out so came straight home. After dinner my husband and I went out while my mom babysat. Posting this before our outing. I had to change my outfit since it got a lot chillier at night. Wore cargo pants instead of shorts. Converses (my only closed toe shoes) a black scarf instead of the necklace and black cardigan.

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