Sunday, June 20, 2010


So again wore an actual outfit today only by 6 PM! The first part of the day was spent in PJs cleanning and organizing the house. The second part was in swim suit and cover up. Finally got dressed after beach. Since it is not super hot yet, trying to wear all my combo's with jackets, vests and/or scarves now. I thought of this outfit way back. It started with the fact that this old 'lost' tee of mine would go perfect with this purple/orange/pink scarf my mom gave me. It could also go over jeans. Thought for summer over this navy skort it would be the perfect combo. Didn't have much time to think of accessories so just went with my white/nickel ring. Denim chain cuffed sandals were a good match.

The shots below were the first attempts of this photo shoot. First my son started going crazy running between my legs back and forth. See him coming on the left. Then my daughter joined. We had to have my uncle call them to take the rest of the shots. All taken by my cousin Sedef.

Lost Tee - Target
Purple/orange/pink scarf - gift from mom from Turkey
Navy skort - Charlotte Rousse
Denim sandals - Steve Madden
White/nickel ring - Swatch

Today's Activities: After couple skype calls to my hubby and dad to wish 'happy father's day', spent half the day helping mom and housekeeper clean and further organize the house. Must have washed 5 loads of laundry of sheets and comforters. Napped while the kids napped. Woke up in the afternoon to greet my aunt and uncle who came to the summer town on his motorcycle. Went to the beach all together. My cousin and her husband joined us there. Again kids swam for hours and ate corn on the cob. Came home and showered and had tea and dessert. Once the family left had a quiet dinner in the yard. It was a tough day as it was the first 'Father's Day' after my Grandpa passed away and the fact that my husband, my mom's husband and my dad were so far away. We were happy my uncle came.


  1. Oh I love your skort! All the colors work together so wonderfully! :)

  2. This outfit is super cool. Love the pic of you with your kids! It must have been a tough day without your grandpa and men far away! <3 Kim

  3. Cute, fun outfit!!

    Love your kids running in the pictures. :) My baby can't even walk yet but she likes to crawl into my shots.


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