Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lovin' Sun

Decided to do a post of what I usually wear most part of the day everyday. I have 3-5 different cover-up's so through the summer will do more postst with those. This cover-up is a gift from my cousin. It is shorter than my other ones and very comfy. It has ties on both sides so you can make it tighter around the hips and blousan the top. This is my mom's summer hat. I tightened the side buckle to fit my head. Love it but it is hard to see everything or greet people with it on. Great sun coverage though. This is a super cool beach bag. It is very large and the top shuts tight. I love it.

Cover-up Dress - T-Box
Hat - Mom's
Flip Flops - Twiggy
Beach Bag - Zara
Sun Glasses - Channel

Today's Activities: Was too late to go to the beach this morning so filled up the kiddie pool and had the kids play on the grass. After lunch and during kids' nap time went grocery shopping and organized the kitchen. Visited a relative when they woke up and went to the beach. They love swimming now and playing in the sand. After dinner at home put the kids down to bed and went to my mom's friend's house for a drink.

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