Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gypsy Denim

Still behind one day but trying to catch up. This is a combo I put together just so I can wear the headband! The denim dress is my mom's and apparently it is my cousin's high school dress which she gave it to my mom. Funny how things come back in style. The headband gives it a cutesy feel so to roughen up the look went with the black sandals and my new all black watch. The necklace is also very old from the 70s (belongs to my mom), I saw a super similar necklace on the new Elle magazine for a fall look which I will adopt but thought it also went good with this dress.

The photos are taken on an all mosaic tile chair my artist step dad made for their summer house...

Denim Dress - All Star
Headband - handmade from Turkey
Necklace - Vintage
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Black Watch - iwatch

Today's (Monday's) Activities: Went to the beach in the am with my parents, cousin, sister and my aunt. Met more family members there so stayed a bit longer and had lunch at the beach club. I did nap when the kids napped. When we woke up hosted another family member with a new baby for a little while. Played with the kids at home then went to my mom's cousins for a visit after they went to bed. Another super late night.

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