Friday, July 30, 2010

I can't say this was the most successfull combo. I wanted this look of lacey skirt peeking out of a simple t-shirt but this is actually dress and since it is a-line it somewhat bulks under the tee around the waist line. Oh well. I piled on all my gold chain necklaces (total of 3) to compliment the light golden design on the t-shirt. To continue the off white look went with a bone ring and tied a cream scarf around my wrist. I realize now it somewhat looks like a bandage than an accessory. Like I said not my best. Finally finished it off with my rose gold flip flops.

Off White tee with gold design and a knot - Forever 21 (mom's)
Cream summer dress - Mango
3 Gold chain necklaces - Forever 21 (bought at different times)
Bone leaf ring - from Turkey, gift from my aunt
Cream scarf tied around the wrist - from Turkey (bazaar)
Rose flip flops with silk roses - BCBGirls

Today's Activities: Had a good night, woke up at a normal hour. My daughter actually slept in with my mom until almost 10 AM! Went to the beach a bit late but the weather was perfect. All our friends and family were there, so stayed longer and had lunch there again. Hope to try to pack lunch tomorrow. After naps we went out to eat 'lokma' (syrupy dessert) and also bought some books for my son. He talked non-stop during the whole outing asking about every little thing he saw. His brain is like this sponge that is just dying to absorb everything around him. Cute but also exhausting. My daughter choses to explore and learn by touch so she is constantly on the move, quietly getting into trouble. We came home early evening to play in the yard under shade. Had dinner late and stayed home to play cards/dominos.

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