Monday, July 26, 2010

Minty Tie Die

This is the super cute babydoll top I bought at the Bazaar on Saturday. It was an instant decision. With certain pieces it is like that, you see it and you immediately know it is a good buy and the piece has great potential. I love the color and the design first, then the sheerness and the babydoll style but the most favorite part is the details. It has crochet like trim all over its skirt and sleeves, plus it is all stiched on the sides of the neckline and the shoulders. So much for only $15 (20TL)! It would go great over jeans as well but I wanted to keep it all pastel by pairing it with white capri pants and what simple sandals. You will notice how shockingly the necklace matches the top. This was a necklace I bought from another bazaar my first week in Turkey. The scrolls and colors of the stones are almost identical to the tie die shirt. I wanted to go with silver so wore my sister's white watch with silver trim and rhinestones and my white and nickel ring. Since I was wearing flip flops (which are my sister's and a size small but I didn't have any white shoes with me) that did not cover my ankles got to wear my silver and rhinestone anklet as well. I could have gone with a white purse (my mom's) but decided to add a bit of natural feel and went with this tiny hard rattan clutch (again my mom's) instead.

Babydoll top - from Turkey (Alacati Pazari)
White capri pants - D&G
Green stone necklace - from Turkey (Alsancak Pazari)
White watch - Michael Kors
White/nickel ring - Swatch
White flip flops - Twigy
Anklet - from Turkey

Today's (Sunday's) Activities: Woke up late following the party night. Went to the beach but only for a short while. When the kids were napping we watched all videos my uncle had filmed of all of us when we were younger. The cousins and sister I now hang out realized how vast our age difference was in those years. The oldes is 8 years my junior! The kids woke up while we were watching so we packed up and went to a different beach all together. This wasn't beach club so the entry to the water was not as easy for my 1.5 yr old but they liked being somewhere different. And the sand was made out of crushed 'Alacati' stone which was snow white. We stayed there pretty late. After coming home we left the kids with the nanny and went out to a fish restaurant for dinner. All the grandkids sat on one side and we laughed so hard our parents thought we were drunk but we were only sipping diet coke. It was a great night. We then went to Alacati to walk around and have some tea. Another super late night hence why I am so behind in posts. Below is a funny photo my uncle took of me almost holding the full moon by the fish restaurant!


  1. It's crazy how well that necklace matches the shirt-love both pieces!

  2. That is a gorgeous top, I love the color!


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