Thursday, July 29, 2010


Got this cute tank top at the Bazaar last saturday and put this combo together with the items I have here with me on this trip. Due its design it is best worn when pulled all the way down so you can see the full photo and writing. Either skinny jeans or tights. Might also go over skirt (will try soon). 'Izmir' is the name of the city I am from and where I am visiting now. On the top it has names and photos of its famous landmarks and neighborhood names. Loved it. For 5TL (approx $3.50) great bargain too. I kept the whole look casual with the black converses but to contrast added the bead bib necklace. I remembered later to also wear my new all black watch which went great.

'Izmir' Tank Top - from Turkey
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans - Closet
Slip on shoes - Converse
Black Bead Bib nekclace - Forever 21
Black Watch (not shown in photos) - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Had a rough night with the kids last night, my daughter did not go to sleep until 4:30 AM and woke up my son on and off during that whole time. Even though the lady and my mom tried to help neither kid would go to them so I ended with both in my bed and did not fall a sleep until 5 only to wake up at 7 AM! Brutal. Went to the beach in the AM but it was windy and my kids refuse to go in when there are waves so we cut it super short and came home. Let my daugther take her nap before lunch so she can catch up. Went back to the beach (no kids) to meet the family and have lunch. When we got home kids were awake. Hung out around the house. Had a mini playdate with a neighbor and hosted some relatives. Hoping for a better night and day tomorrow.

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