Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orange Inspiration

Got inspired for this look from a photo in the July issue of the Lucky magazine (inspiration photo below). And luckily I had all the necessary pieces with me in Turkey so could wear it here. I like the cream and bronze with the bright orange. To accessorize (which you can't see really well) wore all my beaded evil eye bracelets over a D&G gold watch. The bronze thongs complete the look. And this purse with the blue and orange and gold was perfect for the outfit.

Cream Schiffon top with bronze sequins - DKNY
Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Bronze glitter belt - Forever 21
Bronze thong sandals - Chinese Laundry
Watch - D&G
Evil eye beaded bracelets in white, navy, orange and yellow - from Turkey
Matte gold hoop earings
Charm purse - Forever 21

Here is the inspiration photo:

Today's Activities: Went to the close by beach with a stroller this morning since my parents had to use the car. Kids did not really enjoy this beach as it was rocky and no other kids were there to play with. We came home early for baths and lunch and naps. When they woke up took my aunt and went to our usual beach club. They had a blast. My daughter now goes in and out of the water and swims freely with her arm floaties like a 3 yr old. Everyone looks at her in amazement. She gets very mad if you try to hold her. What I love is her twirls in the water and constant singing and a big smile plastered on her face. After we got home showered and dressed went to our neighbor's daughter's birthday party. Kids had fun and ate way too much sugar but luckily ate their dinner anyway after we got home. Stayed home tonight to watch Alice in Wonderland on video.

This is another art piece by my step dad. Statue of the greek island houses:

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