Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parka and a shirt dress

This is an intersting get-up, no? I got my inspiraiton from the 'Banana Republic' ad below:

Again, I wouldn't look at this outfit and say 'oh I would like to wear this' nor would I actually be interested in buying any of the items in the photo. However, it is a great remix idea for clothes I already own and would not have thought to wear in this fashion. And that is what I am always looking for. Ideas to remix my existing clothes. Otherwise would go broke trying to keep up this blog. :)

The big item here is the super long and cozy winter scarf. My stepdad got this for me as a xmas present (he went against my mom's idea of buying a joint gift and picked this one out himself) years ago. It has matching mittens too. I haven't worn it many times so jumped on the idea of wearing it with this combo.
The shirt dress is my summer purchase from Turkey and I have been looking to wear it in the winter. I like that it is rayon like material instead of cotton as it doesn't need much ironning and is very soft.
I am actually wearing a crop grey cotton cardigan underneath as well for an extra layer. When it got warm it was nice to take off the parka but would have been too cold with just the SS dress so it was perfect.
The parka is something I have owned for a few years now and love it. The color and the cut goes with everything and I am a sucker for fur lined hoods.

As you know I even have the super similar looking gold bib necklace. Wore this a bit lower than normal and pushed it under the neckline so it is more subtle.
I love fingerless gloves. They are ideal with kids as I can still do everything but keep my hands warm at the same time.

Down Parka - Guess (from Burlington Coat Factory)
Shirt Dress - Koton in Turkey
Winter Scarf - J Crew
Belt - Limited
Grey leggings - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Bib Necklace - Kohl's
Socks and fingerless gloves - I have no idea, had them forever

Today's Activities: Went to the outdoor preschool class which was meeting at this georgous park right by the bay this morning. The weather was calm, crisp and sunny and it was just beautiful. The playground structure was not super nice but the location made up for it. Half hour into the class a huge fire truck came with a full fireman crew to teach the kids fire safety. They had the youngest one put on the full gear so kids can see what fireman would look like if they were ever trapped and to not be scared of them. It was very educational. Then the kids got to take photos with them and inside the truck. Played their hearts out for 3 hours and came home and napped hard. In the afternoon had a family friend come over to play with the kids while I worked on my projects and cooked etc... Going to the movies with my friend tonight so posting early. Have plans to see Burlusque and Love and other drugs. I am going to be even more behind in project and blog reading so again I apologize.

Posing with my daughter. Her vest is fur lined like my jacket....

Her individual poses. She asked me to take photos of her boots like I do mine!

And here we are with the young fireman Nath...


  1. I think it looks great! Love that scarf. I need to pull out my scarves more often...thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. He did a great job! I love that scarf - perfect for the copycat look!

  3. You look simply adorable and so does your daughter!

    Liesl :)


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