Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bowling Fashion

Another magazine photo inspired look today: 

Ah, this outfit would have looked killer with my sister's liquid leggings from F21. But, I didn't plan this in advance enough to barrow so wore my leather pants. They look OK but they are not skin tights so you somewhat loose the look.

I was pretty amazed once again that I have almost every similar item in my closet from the inspiration photo. I like the navy jacket with the denim shirt and the black leather pants. Once again proves you can mix black and navy. The deep red scarf (I call this the 'carpet scarf' as the design reminds me of a kilim) really compliments the colors.

Even had the fingerless gloves to give the similar look. I think my mom got me these a while ago. They have a touch of gold in them so it was perfect.

Would have looked better with solid booties but these were OK with black socks.

Attemps to pose with my daughter but she can't get the tripod timing correctly....

Leather pants - vintage (mom's)
Denim shirt - from Turkey
Crop navy blazer jacket - Forever 21
Scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Juicy Couture
Gloves - gift

Today's Activities: Swim class in the morning followed by lunch out and grocery and art supply shopping. I am crazy as I decided to hand make a few gifts for my two good friends and my baby nephew who will be born in end of March. My only craft talent is 'cross stiching' taught to me by my aunt. Over the years I have made impressive collages mostly all for my grandparents. I have also made two big ones for my son and daughter. They take months and months and require hours of dedication everyday. So, not sure where I think I will have this time but bought the designs anyway. We shall see.
After naps we went to music class than immediately left to pick up my husband head over to my friend's b-day party at a bowling alley. It was quite far (50 miles each way) so it was tiring with the kids in the car but they had a blast there. Both went to bed way past bed time.

Here are a few fun bowling photos from tonight.... 

These were the smallest size shoes they had and they are way too big on her... 


  1. You must have soooo much clothes to be constantly recreating magazine looks...I usually only have a few of the piece!
    You look great!!

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

  2. I actually like the way you styled this better than the magazine photo.
    I also tried to do a cross-stitch for a Christmas gift but decided tit wasn't going to happen.

  3. I love that you have all these pieces to do the copycat looks!! Yours are always better. :)

    Your daughter is too cute in those bowling shoes!


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