Friday, December 3, 2010

All American

I love how this came out today. What a great idea to tie the scarf like this don't you think? I got the idea from the photo below:

This was an ad for some brand (may be American Eagle) I am not sure. I actually have a very similar looking velvet navy blazer my mom loaned me but I do not have a red plaid scarf. What I did have is this plaid scarf and since it has a touch of red in it figured it would look great over a red blazer.

Have to tell you the story behind this red blazer. Skip this section if you are not interested. :)

This was part of a suit. My first expansive suit I bought when I was 22 yrs old in NYC. You see I moved to NYC right after college graduation and faced the ugly truth about entry level jobs. Envisioning myself as a wall st analyst with an office, only to end up as an assistant to 3 EVPs of a broker firm. Fancy title for pretty much secretarial work. Just starting to pay off my hefty student loans wondering what it was for if I was to only make photocopies and answer phone calls, I was pretty depressed. NYC also was a city that everyone judged you by your title and the brand of the clothes you had on. I had neither so no one talked to me. So, after my first paycheck I went out and bought this amazing blazing red suit from Ann Taylor for like $500. It took me months to pay it off but it was worth it. I loved this suit. It was my statement that I was going to make it to the top somehow. And I sure did. After moving back to SD a year later and starting my true career job I started moving up fast and would buy extremely conservative suits to make myself look older to be taken seriously. So my suits range in the lovely tones of Black, Navy, Brown and Grey. Except this one. I could never part from it because it will always remind me of how I felt during those times and how determined I was. So, now years later, already have achieved all my career goals and now living the time of my life with my two amazing kids it is wonderful to be able to wear it again!
Sorry for the long story...

A lot of layers so it looks a bit bulky but cynching it with a belt makes it work I think. These were my first skinny jeans when skinny jeans starting becoming in fashion. You can see they are no where being skinny but more like a 'slim cut' but works for this look.

And yes to all of you who have been making comments, I do have a pretty sick closet. It is really the product of years and years of shopping and I think smart shopping, buying staple items that keep coming back style again and again. Also investing in a lot of base layer items too which are very diverse. One of these days I will take you inside by closet to show. I also have been wanting to do a segment on organization as I am crazy organized and have lots of tips. All in good time.

Red Blazer - part of an Ann Taylor suit
Jeans - Rock Republic
White tank - Eddie Bauer
White eyelet blouse - Lucky
Scarf - Forever 21
Belt - Express
Boots - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: Started a bit of Christmas shopping today. My sister joined us as she was off from work. We hit bed bath and beyond then the mall. Disney store just opened here and it is my son's favorite place to visit. He can stay there for hours. Bought my friend's kids gifts there and my son finally decided on his gift from Santa which is the 'Aladding gift set'. Love it as it is only $12. I already ordered it on Cyber Monday and got a great discount too. I am now searching for some sort of a case/bag so he can carry the set. Of course love that my son picks these Disney Movie that are years and years old and merchandise is no longer carried. His favorite is Lion King of course. He also loves Oliver and Company and now into Aladdin. Why can't he like Cars or Toy Story is beside me. Well, actually I know why they do not have any songs. He is only interested in musicals. After a tiring shopping spree we had lunch at the mall and returned home for a very late nap time. After naps packed everyone up with lots of clothes and went to Sea World's Member night and met my Mom and Stepdad there. Every year Sea World holds a member night to open their xmas celebration events. It is usually crazy but I like going. They give a very pretty hand blown glass ornament to each person as well and we have been collecting since my son's first xmas. But did not get this year's as the line was waaaaay too long. Still had fun...

Here are some photos from Sea World:

Pretty Fish Tree: 

My mom and step dad with the kids: 

Me and My Mom: 



  1. What a great story! I love pieces that have a history - you always feel powerful when you wear them!!

    Love how you wore the scarf - I am always looking for new ways to wear mine. :)

  2. I really liked the story that you included with this blazer. I do hope that you have more stories like this with some of your clothes. You make me want to own a powerful red suite as well. I just brought my first red skirt and I am scared to death to wear it, but I think you just gave me a bit of courage!

  3. I love the story of the suit!! I also love this outfit..I know the title says all american...but the scarf is making me think british...a bit Burburry

  4. Hi Mommy Daph!
    You look great as always!
    And of course, I am sucker of plaid
    so I am two thumbs up with your outfit.

    P.S yes, i am back working :-)

  5. I love this look. I've tried belting a scarf and blazer before but I think I'm too short or something. I looked like a stump. After seeing this though, I'm gonna have to try it again.

  6. This is very british looking indeed and İ love it. the red jacket story is amazing and yes should add stories to every outfit it makes the outfir most interesting. İ saw on TV the other day how this guy sold the Hope diamond with a big story to the Heiress.


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