Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tucker and Tucker

The lighting is off in all these photos so I apologize for that. I was happy with how this come turned out. I had many options for my legs and feet. Another one I liked was with gold ankle socks and navy patent platforms. But the issue was my white pasty legs so opted for the navy tights and nude heels instead.

This is the debut of many new items in my closet: The Tucker skirt and blouse and the heels. The shirt has the prettiest butterfly design with navy and pink on a cream background. The skirt is this awesome material with gold thread. I just wish the skirt's waist wasn't so high rise. I wear small sizes and have very narrow hips but do not have the skinniest waist line. So have to always size up if buying something that sits on waist like this skirt.

The point of these heels were suppose to be worn on bare legs and blend with my skin tone. But they do look against dark tights like these too I think and the pinkish nude color compliments the dusty pink color of the cardigan. Do you know that Steve Madden has 5 different shades and styles of nude heels? I tried them all to find the one that blends with my skin tone. Realized the platform styles look cool but that platform line up front prevents the shoe from blending so I opted for this style where the platform is hidden and seemless from the outside.

Of course I happened to have a navy patent purse with gold details right in my closet....Plus added the super cute heart cuff watch my mom got me last year.

The outfit works with or without this cardigan. I needed it for an extra layer. On top I carried my pink trench coat too but ended up never needing it.

Silk Blouse and navy skirt - Tucker for Target
Navy tights - no idea
Nude Heels - Steve Madden
Pink Scarf - no idea
Pink cardigan - Express
Navy patent purse - Maxx New York

This was my afternoon/night outfit. During the first part of the day I wore this:

Inspired by this: 

This is just a very basic combo but looks great efforlessly. Perfect mommy outfit with the right amount of layers and proper shoes.

Today's Activities: Went to the preschool class in the morning. My son got to be the teacher's helper today which entails him ringing the bell for each circle time as well as helping count the day, month, predicting the weather and choosing what should be worn in such weather. He loved it. Once they went down for their naps my mom came over to take over so I could go to my 2 hour dentist appt which sucked of course. I hate going to the dentist cause I can not multi task. But afterwards got to meet my girlfriend who I have not seen in a while and had happy hour drinks and appetizers for dinner. She lives right by my dentist so it was perfect planning. My husband picked up the kids from my mom and I was home in time to help with bedtime stories and tucking in. Oh, I forgot to tell you yesterday, I have officially booked my Brazilian blowout appt for day before xmas eve. It is my xmas gift from my husband. I am so very excited.


  1. I love both outfits Daphne, but what I really love is your ability to see outfits in magazines or anywhere and make your own version of it. (which are always better!)

  2. Love that skirt! also love the tights and nude shoes. the striped outfit is so chic and effortless! very nice

  3. I love your Tucker pieces! They look great together!

    Great copy look too - you always look better than the one you are copying!

  4. I love your skirt from the 1st set, so chic!

    Watching the waves

  5. I love both outfits!!
    The gold skirt is favulous...but yes, the high waist would be a bit annoying..

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

  6. I need to be more gutsy about my purchases. I saw that skirt but thought it would only be good at night for something fancy, schmancy. I was wrong. Now i wish I would have swiped it up.
    I love the red outfit too. Very mom chic:)

  7. I love the shoes of the first outfit. And that red jacket is gorgeous! Though I don't usually wear red clothes...I don't know why

  8. İ loved the tucker pieces and how you put them together. looks so cool together and casual but glamorous at the same time. Red jacket made the jeans look so chic and cozy without being so casual. İ have one in my closet İ should try that for sure! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Love both looks! Absolutely adore that Tucker butterfly blouse - I tried to get my hands on that one but missed out on my size. That print is perfection!

  10. Love that skirt! And your outfit copy was fabulous! I can not wait for you to get your Brazilian blowout! You are going to LOVE it!!

  11. You're adorable! I've been trying to piece together an outfit and wasn't totally sure that my navy tights and nude heels were working. But seeing your outfit convinced me! You look fantastic!


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