Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrad Show

Posting quite late as this is yesterday's outfit. Here is my inspiration photo:

I added black lace tights and boots for a more edgy look. Plus a cozy long cardigan to keep warm...

This silk dress was purchased for a new year's eve party years ago on sale from Banana Republic. I love its deep teal color and it is one of those cuts that is neither tight nor baggy. The only thing is it is 100% silk so dry cleanning. But, figured it is better to wear it and need to get it cleaned than to have it sit in closet unworn.
This faux fur scarf and the owl pendant seem to go great together. I had this same color scheme I realized the other day when I wore a black dress with teal tights and similar accessories.  

Since the big outing with this outfit did not involve kids I got to take a purse for a change instead of a diaper bag. Figured this beaded purse with the blue and brown tones would be perfect. And I had bought this purse last year from the same show!

My Dad, who took the photo, felt the lace tights were a bit much but I like them...

Teal silk dress - Banana Republic
Black chunky cardigan - La Redoute Catalog
Leather belt - The Limited
Lace tights, faux fur scarf, necklaces - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show
Lace up peep toe boots - Juicy Couture
Sunglasses - Channel

Today's Activities: Took the kids out for breakfast with mom and step dad while my husband played tennis with my dad. We then visited the Hallmark store where my son could pick one ornament. Of course he had to choose the new tangled girl (my brother had taken him to see that yesterday). My daughter got a set of princesses. We came home so they could hang it on their tree. My parents entertained the kids while I picked around and got ready. As soon as my hubby and dad got back I took off with my mom and sister for the 'Thread Show' We went to this last couple of times with the kids and I just don't get much out of it that way. There is alot of jewelry vendors and it is just impossible to look with the kids. So, this time we were kid free and had a great time. I must have tried on every type of feather earing while my sister bought way too many stuff with skulls. My mom's purchases were clothing heavy. I of course did not take any photos of the stuff I bought yet...But I got feather earings, wing earings, butterfly earings, and heart earings made out of recycyled records! When you list them all together they do sound quite interesting huh? My mom also bought me this great vintage coat, it is black crinkled patent leather with knit trim. For $40!

Here are some photos from the show.... Took these first thing than forgot to take any photos like of the actual vendors!


  1. This is such a great ensemble! I love the rich blue and the lace together!

  2. WOW!!!!!

    I don't know what I love more - the dress, the tights or the shoes!!! You look AMAZING!!!!

    Dads totally don't understand lace tights ;)

  3. love it, i agree, if you're going to buy it might as well wear it even if it is dry clean only! those shoes are S.E.X.Y! Whew!

  4. When the page first loaded, I thought, Whoa! Is that Sarah Jessica Parker?!"

    Lookin' good, Miss Ma'am. Love the entire look.

  5. you look like you came out of a magazine page! great colors and very sexy boots indeed. Well we women dress for each other not for men so it is hard for men to understand why we make a big fuss about dressing. İ love the lace pantyhose with those boots it makes a great exciting combo.

  6. What a sweet Dad you have to take your photos. I bet you are Daddy's girl. I am still :)

    Love that bright blue on you!


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