Thursday, January 20, 2011

Denim dress

I like how this outfit turned out. During the first part of the day I wore it like this with bare legs...
This denim dress was a spring purchase in Turkey last year. Love its cut and color. I wore the scarf low on the neck so it wasn't too warm and the fringes at the end show this way. I call this scarf 'red carpet' in my list cause the design reminds me of a rug. :)

In the afternoon I added brown leggings cause we were going to the music class which entitles me to sit on the floor with the kids and the dress is too mini to do that comfortably, plus it gets drastically cooler later in the day... 

Here are the rugged boots I wear all the time. The side zip makes them so practical as I never have to unlace them. They looked like this brand new which is why my mom doesn't get why I would buy something that looks like it is ready to be thrown out!

Denim Dress & tights - From Turkey
Utility Jacket - Gap
Scarf - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Morning started with swim lessons. Talked to the instructor so we are going to start getting my daughter used to taking the class without me in the pool. That would be so nice. I love swim lessons but hate to go in the pool myself cause it is such a hassle to get them and myself dressed afterwards.
After naps we went to music class followed by a coffee shop playdate. Came home for a nice crockpot dinner and watched pinnochio as a family.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! You are so good at keeping your kids involved it activities - I hope I am as good as you when Peanut gets older!

    Aren't opaque tights the best? They make any skirt floor play friendly!

  2. I love this outfit. I have a special place in my heart for denim. And that scarf is beautiful.
    I somehow forgot about leggings instead of tights. I am so wearing leggings today.

  3. i actually thought that beautiful scarf must have come from Turkey until i read it's F21. Love all your footwear and especially these boots. This whole outfit is sooo cute.
    are these photos taken at your home. what a gorgeous place. love the door and the tile!!! my kitchen walls are that same color as your tile.
    thanks so much for your comment

  4. Love this look, adore that dress. Fab!


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