Monday, January 17, 2011

Making a bigger size skirt work

This bohemian look was inspired from the following photo in Elle Magazine:

Today, you can see it was more the idea of pinkish tones full skirted dress with boots, denim jacket and touches of red. Also, allows me to use this skirt that has been collecting dust in my closet.

The skirt is actually super big on me. But I saw in a magazine once that you can pull it up and cynch it with a belt to make it fit. And it totally works. Glad I didn't get rid of it cause it was too lose.

I used the deep red patent leather belt I had thrifted late fall. This skirt has so many cool colors in it that it is a perfect base for layering on top. I felt the dark brown somewhat anchors all the pastel colors. 

It is like summer here midday so obviously didn't need the jean jacket until late afternoon. The weird thing is it is still cold mornings and evenings but super warm midday.

I felt these 'angel wing' earings were perfect. You might have noticed I always have this double strand super thin and light gold necklace on at all times. That was my grandmother's. It was 4 strands, my aunt the jeweler, separated the other two to make a single strand necklace for my girl cousin and sister and gave me the remaining two since I am the oldest. Today I added this longer but again super light one which was also my Grandmother's. Love wearing them as it feels she is with me.

Full Skirt - Will Smith (from either Target or TJ Maxx I can't remember)
Brown tee - Target
Red patent leather belt - thrifted
Crop denim jacket - Might be Forever 21
Cognack slouchy boots - Via Spiga
Earings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: Since it is a holiday the preschool was closed. We went to a house playdate and met a few of other mommies/kids from my mommy group. I packed lunch so we ate there and left early so we could hit Henry's before coming home. I love Henry's but I can never buy *everything* that is on my list and still end up having to go to Von's which is annoying. And the kids did not really nap at all. My goals were to pay bills which did not get done at all. We barely left on time to visit my sister. Her and her new boyfriend had all sorts of toys and food out. Although they learned very quickly that feeding kids choclate and candy in your own house backfires fast. At least finished up the bills and emails at night. Have to go to bed now since I will be waking up at 5 AM to drive up to Laguna with my brother and Dad for his Dr appt tomorrow.


  1. I love the pattern of the skirt. I'm glad you didn't get rid of it! Your hair looks amazing - is that still from the treatment?! So impressed!

  2. Love the way you made the skirt work for you! It is great when you can wear a piece of jewelery that makes you think of someone special like your grandma!

  3. Oh i need to try that! I have a way to big skirt too :)


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