Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indian Princess

Wore this last night (Saturday) to my friends' dinner party.
I have been wanting to wear this outfit since I got the inspiration from the following chictopia post:

I liked its all neutral color scheme but mostly I liked it cause it gave me the idea on how to wear this silk/cashmere scarf my husband brought from India for me.
My husband saw this outfit and said 'Which excotic country's princess are you?' His one to two word comments on my outfits always makes me smile and gives me title ideas!

This shawl is made out of too good of a quality material to crinkle and wear around my neck. So wearing like this all open really brings it out.  The super thin bronze glitter belt cynched at my waist over the shawl keeps it in place. I used safety pins to attach the faux fur collar to give the look of the inspiration outfit. Coo huh?
This collar came with a black ss shrug from Victoria's secret. It is detachable so this season I have been using it with other tops. Love it.

Since there was a lot going on with the shawl and the fur collar I kept jewelry to minimum. The gold colored earings blend with my hair and add that touch of sparkle to compliment the belt. The bracelet was a xmas gift from my best friend.  The big pearl ring was a great find in Turkey couple years ago.

These are my wedge booties. They have a detachable faus fur trim which I have worn with many times during the past months. But since I already had fur in the collar took them out for this oufit. You can't really see but the ankle socks are cream with gold glitter! You know in case I took off my shoes they would have totally matched. My legs need some sun!

Photos taken in our back yard by my husband...

This lace dress is the vintage one I had found in my mom's closet. The original outfit with it was just to wear it as is with my chanel heels. I have still yeat to wear that outfit. Mom says this was actually tunic but I wore it as a 'very' mini dress. It is also not lined so I wore a slip underneath and a nude colored bra. The shawl covers it anyway.

Since the blowout this is the first time I used a flat iron.  

See my attempts on eye make-up. I swear I used 4 different shades of gold palatte eye shadow but you don't really see that. At least you can see the heavy eyeliner.

Lace mini tunic/dress - Vintage
Cashmere shawl - from India
Bronze belt - Forever 21
Faux fur collar - came with a shrug from Victoria's Secret catalog
Wedge Boots - Victoria's Secret catalog
Earings - Guess
Bracelet - Kohl's
Ring - from Turkey

Saturday's Activities: We now have my daughter gymnastics classes saturday mornings. So my husband and I decided to switch off every week where one of us goes with her and one of us takes my son for a one on one activity. It allows us to spend quality time separately with each kid so it is very nice. This week it was my turn to take my son. I had plans to see 'yogi bear' with him. But he said his Grandpa Neal had promised to take him and he didn't want to go with me. So him and I went shopping for a little bit next to the movie theaters. He is so easy to shop with. He makes sure I am never out of sight. He is more concerned with me loosing him than the other way around.

TJ Maxx: I have bought yet another bag to use as a diaper bag. The leather one was not keeping its shape, the super cute betesey johnson looking one I got from Target broke after overpacking. I found a super cool cameo pring but covered with plastic material with ton of pockets. I will do a photo tomorrow if I remember. Also bought a few b-day gifts for kids' friends. I do this all the time. Everytime we go to TJ Maxx or Burlington Coat factory we browse the book/toy sections. If there are cool quality toys there I buy and store in my gift cabinet. When kids' friends have b-days it is nice to just pull out a gift from a cabinet than shop for it. And Guess what I found at TJ Maxx? The Michael Kors bag I was lusting over the entire fall/winter. I had cut its photos from magazines, browsed the internet for a discounted one without any luck. I couldn't beleive it was there! I put it on hold but never went back. Cause it was still $160 and out of my budget. I can't stop thinking about it.

Anyways, Grandpa did meet us to take Trevor to the movies so I went home to rest. Late afternoon our family friend came over to babysit the kids and my husband and I carpooled with our friend to the dinner party.

Dinner Party: This tradition started with my ex husband. He was very into cooking. The only dinner parties we went to at that age (early 20s) was BBQ with BYOB. He wanted to cook a super gourmet multi course dinner so we hosted an eleborate dinner party with our good 3 other couple friends. Took out our wedding china and everything. Everyone loved this idea of an 'adult dinner party' as we called it. So, decided to make it a trdition of one couple hosting such party every 2 months or so. We have been going ever since. And the two divorces (one us, the other another couple) and 1 re-marriages  have not stopped us. I am still very good friends with my Ex so if he is in town he attends and one time we were the host so he came early and helped me cook. We are weird I know. The host provieds all the food but the guests bring the wine. We started with bringing 2 bottles per couple but found out that was never enough. So now each couple brings 3-4 bottles of wine and they are all gone and sometimes host breaks out the 2buckchuck afterwards!
Sometimes we host during the day and include the kids. Mostly though it is at night and no kids. Hard to beleive cause 2 of the couples were not even married when we started not alone have kids!

I took the photo of the group at the table. My best friend is dressed in packer outfit to support her team during the game same night!

These super cute girls are the daughters of our hosts. Gandma had them out most of the night but they came home to go to bed. Beforehand though gave us a dancing and singing show! So cute.


  1. Your makeup looks great! (loving the boots too!)

  2. Hey! İ love this dress on you and it has such history in our family... it was your grandmothers as a tunic and İ wore it as a tunic but you definitely pulled it off as a dress!!! İ also noticed that the girl in the inspiration photo is carrying the Michael kors bag İ got for you the other day have you noticed it? İ love the dress with those boots and would never think to put the two together!! The generation gap talking:)


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