Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Tiger

This was the outfit I wore last night to go out to dinner with my girlfriend. I was inspired for this sexy look from the following Chictopia post:

When I saw this look I thought man, so simple and yet looks so sexy. My coat (purchased years years ago) is not as furry but it is actually more practical to wear and very soft. And I got to use my georgous new purse!

Got to whip out my shortest cut off short shorts from the drawer for this outfit. I never get to wear these during the day as they are too 'cheeky' for a mommy running around two little ones. But over tights covered by a big furry coat not so bad. I think I need to look for a more opaque pair of black tights next season. Now that I see the photos these are a bit too sheer for my taste. I like the super black look.

I kept telling my husband he was not capturing the necklace which he rightfully pointed out was hard to do since it was black on black. But that was my whole point. Add texture with the leather fringe necklace without it standing out...

As you will see below I had my hair in its natural state (curly) during the day. And at night before going out just ran a flat iron real quick. Loving the Brazilian blowout as it is making my life so much simpler when it comes to my hair... 

Rabbit fur coat jacket - Guess?
Black schiffon top - Newport News Catalog
Cut off short shorts - Levi's
Platform heels - Newport News Catalog
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Purse - Michael Kors

I just couldn't make this outfit work for the day so wore a totally different oufit:

Not that crazy about this outfit which is why I picked it for today knowing I will be wearing a super cool outfit at night.

It was comfy for sure but just not one of those 'makes you feel great' outfits.

Whit maxi dress - from Turkey
Khaki colored cardigan - Guess
double belt and Oxfords - Forever 21
Fingerless gloves - gift from mom

Wednesday's Activities: At the preschool today the discussion was from another fellow mommy (who is Indian) who introduced us to the art of hennah and talked about this emotional spiritual ceremony you do for expecting mothers to prepare them for passage to motherhood. She also gave us free hennah tattoos. I am no stranger to hennah since it is also in my culture and used heavily in the villages of Turkey. After naps we went to the indoor play area and met 3 of my friends with their kids. Stayed for couple hours and for the first time my daughter played 'with' my friend's daughter. As other mommies will know kids that age usually play 'parallel' not 'together' but these two were having a blast. After we got home my brother and my dad stopped by to see the kids. I got dressed and helped out with feeding the kids dinner then snuck out with  my friend as soon as she got to my house. It is restaurant week in San Diego where a lot of restaurants prepare pre-fix 3-4 course menus for $20-$30 or $40. We went to a small wine bistro for a $20 menu. The menu items were great and delicious but the portions were tiny which was wine. We did wine flights to pair with each course and ended up not being able to finish all the wine since the restaurant was closing and we had to leave. Great day/night.

Here I am getting the Hennah tattooo: 

This is when it is wet. After an hour it flakes and you brush it off. It was light orange but this morning it is darker, reddish brown: 

Couldn't resist posting my daughter who now dresses up everyday at preschool:

And here I am with my girlfriend. We have been friends since college. Met her and my best friend our first year in an English class. She was an electrical engineer and I was economics so we continued taking calculus classes together for the next two years.  


  1. Looking hot mama!!!
    A friend of mine did henna on my big pregnant belly when I was pregnant with B. I have a photo of it framed with a mat board that all my friends signed at my baby shower for him. I absolutely love it.

  2. mama! love that outfit. you look fab.


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