Friday, January 21, 2011

Purples with fur

This is one of those outfits that looked much better on paper than in the  mirror.

I truly love this silk pleated skirt. There used to be this La Redoute catalog which is from a store in France. They discountinued their distribution to US a few years back. I really loved the different designer pieces they had. Very reasonably priced too. I got this skirt which also had a matching blouse as set. Has the cutest sea urchin looking design on it. I added the fur belt for interest.

The burgandy bead set bracelets hand made by my friend for my b-day went very nice stacked around my watch. Also wanted to show my hennah tattoo after 2 days it is a quite nice reddish brown color.

This tee is getting old. It is just one of those tees that works great for laying on.
I also have a purple stone necklace on that hits right at the tee's neckline.

I had a quite cool purple/pink make-up on for this outfit. But realized it is almost impossible to take 'portrait' shots with a tripod even with a good camera. The camera has to focus on the face to get a good picture so me focusing on air then running in front of the camera does not result to anything good. I love using this 100 eyeshadow set I bought during xmas from E.L.F. for $10. Any color you can think of is in here.

I also used this hot pink lip stain on my lips. It is very matte and subtle. Love it.

Pleated silk skirt - La Redoute catalog
'Lost' Tee - Target
Purple LS top underneath, fur belt and necklace - from Turkey
Purple tights - Forever 21
boots - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Took the kids to the kid friendly mall to watch/listen to the kid concert at first. Then had lunch at the food court with friends. Made a deal with my son that if I took them to the train, jumpy and playground he would have quiet time in the stroller and it worked. They were tired enough and my daughter slept in the bottom seat while my son sat quietly on top. I carry (thanks to my mom) two big and soft cream throws in my car for this purpose. They are big enough for me to cover the entire double stroller to create a dark and distraction free environment. I should have brought books though cause my son kept asking for books. But he did sit under that blanket without making a sound. I was amazed too. As I promised when my daughter woke up which ended his quiet time we had ice cream (frozen yogurt but they think it is the same thing). Then met my friend and her kids at my house for an afternoon playdate. Took them all to Chuck'e'cheese for dinner with my dad. This gave my husband a break and a quiet night at home by himself.

The kids again were posing during my photo shoot.
Man my son needs a hair cut bad! 


  1. cute outfit :)
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  2. OMG your kiddos are so cute!!!! Love that skirt and very envious of those eyeshadows - what fun!

  3. that skirt is great! i can see why you love it. i also LOVE that denim dress from the last post :) and you're kids are precious!


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