Saturday, January 22, 2011

Following the Tiger Trail

Today's was a simple but comfy outfit. Not like it needed inspiration but here is where I got the idea:

The look was leggings, leather jacket and a flowy schiffon floral top and a scarf.  I don't know what it is but I just love using looks from magazines and other blogs and chictopia posts. It is like a challange for me: 'Can I create the outfits I see that I like with stuff in my closet?'

I bought this cute pink, black and white top from a thrift store. It is too open in the front so I wore a lace trimmed cami same pink hue as the design underneath. This super fringey scarf my cousin had gifted me was perfect. I tied it like an infinity scarf but all the fringes makes it look like a necklace. It is also very light silky schiffon so didn't feel hot during the day.

The hot pink bangle set is from Turkey I think it was a gift from my mom. It also has 4 other bangles that have gold in them. I just took those out to keep the look silver.

This cute pastel colored hearts on silver ring was a gift from my stepdad. And I love these juicy earings.

Here is the look without the jacket which is how I wore it majority of the day...

My daughter was even more involved today than normal with the photo shoot so took a lot of poses with her... 

Schiffon top - thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Jacket - thrifted at Thread Show
Leggings - H&M
OTK suede boots (that never stay OTK) - Steve Madden
Scarf , Bracelets and Watch- from Turkey
Hat - thrifted
Ring - gift
Earings - Juicy Couture

Today's Activities: Saturdays are fun as I told you before my husband and I each take one of the kids and spend some quality one on one time first half of the day. Today was my day with my daughter attending her gymnastics class. My mom came to watch too than we had lunch at home. My husband took my son to a puppet theater then they had pizza at the best pizza place in town. They both napped amazingly and we left right after they woke up with my dad to the zoo again! We got zoo passes for my dad for xmas so this was the first time we used it together. The zoo closes at 5 PM these months so we only had 1.5 hours but that is OK. This zoo is so big you could go 5 days in a row and managed to see a different part. Today was tiger trail then gorillas. The tiger was awake and close to the observation points so that made the kids' day. I had cooked part of our dinner Friday afternoon and part during nap time so we had nice healthy dinner at home before baths and bedtime.

Here she is posing like mommy by the fountain! She gave me 5 different poses I am just using one.
I got her hair barrette's at Forever 21 for $1.50. Bought them in every color. 

Here we are at the zoo...
 Watching the hippo which was out of the water (a sight rarely seen even in Africa)!

Looking for otters... 

Kids watching the tiger after it came down so close: 

Here is the tiger in all its glory... 

On the hippo statue with my dad: 


  1. oh i love your jacket so much!

  2. Nice outfit! The shirt is awesome!!:)


  3. İ love this whole outfit and the accesories very much. The hat İ think really pulls it together. İ love Juliets pose and all the other family pictures. İt is so nice to see what you all have been up to the day before! and i am happy that they both slept good for the nap time. Yeah!!!

  4. Super cute - love that ring! Your kiddos are so adorable, I always love seeing them and their adventures!


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