Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

This was fun little outft I had added to my list after being inspired by the following photo in the Victoria's Secret Catalog:

Just wasn't sure where on earth I would wear this. Since it is a bit too sexy with the leathe rmini and tigh high boots but too hot for a club with the faux fur vest. Not that going to clubs are a big part of my life anyway. So, when my mom insisted we dress up a bit for her Oscar party figured it was the perfect opportunity...

This lace top which is really a bodysuit was in a bag of clothes my aunt was no longer wearing. I go through every family member's closet nows looking for free items. Especially closets or bins of stuff they no longer wear. The issue is the bodysuit's lace part ends right at waist and a solid part starts. And without a belt this mini skirt sits at hips showing the solid part of the top. Another issue was the skirt was almost too long (if you can beleive that) for the super high tigh high boots. So I used this super tight elastic belt to keep the skirt higher and on top of the lace part. 2 problems solved with one belt!

The animal print heart pendant compliments the belt. Coincidentally both Betsey Johnson!

This vest was great at keeping me warm and it is so soft. Very good quality for faux fur.

Faux Fur Vest - Kenar
Lace bodysuit - Aunt's
Leather mini - BCBG (thrifted)
Tigh High boots - Charlotte Russe
Belt and Necklace - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Welcomed the slightly warmer weather and the nice sunshine today. After a big family breakfast at my mother and step dad's house we took the kids and husband's grandparents to our local beach boardwalk for a short stroll. My daughter who has been taking gymnastics praciced her 'flamingos', 'side' and 'back' walks on the wall of the boardwalk. She was so cute. We stoped by the steps so the kids can go on the sand to play. My son made a huge kelp bark a guitar and was dancing and singing while my daughter made mud pies over her bucked and sang her currently favorite song 'happy birthday to you'. Although it was nippy the grandparents enjoyed getting fresh air and watching the kids and the waves and miles of sand beaches are always breathtaking sights of of our magnificent city.
We came home for lunch and naps. After playing with the kids I carpooled with my friend to my mom's house to watch the Oscar's. Hence the outfit.
The best part of course is the red carpet segment and analyzing the dresses.  So apparently there was a memo among the males to not shave their faces and maintain that rugged scuffy look (which I personally love). And the memo among the females we decided was to stay away from all self tanners and tanning booths and support a pasty white complexion. Which did look good on some of them. My top favorite was Anne's first red Valentino gown. 2nd Favorite was the co-star from Black Swan in her prewinkle lacey dress. The teenage actress (from Winter's Bone I think) was so pretty in the pink tulle princess like gown.

Here are the kids at the beach: 

Oscar party group (from left to right: My mom, me, my sister-in-law, my friend, cousin's fiance, my mother friend) and her other friend snapped this photo:


  1. i really love this skirt. some leathers tend to be really thick, but this one looks thin?? and you really rock those thigh highs! oh, and my girl is 11, boy is two.

  2. Great photos. Love your outfit!!!!!

    I will follow you, follow me back?

    Kisses from pepa :X

  3. Wow! Hot Mama, indeed! You go girl!

  4. Beautiful outfit, love every item!

  5. Sounds like a fun party! I love the vest - the fur looks so luxurious!

  6. I love the thigh high boots in this look! The mix of leather and suede is interesting and totally works!:) Re: my ALDO shoes -- they're actually grey, but they might have looked like blue in some pictures (stupid camera!) Btw, after seeing you in the black ones, I went ahead and bought the black pair too!hahaha... they're so comfortable and such a good deal :p

  7. Fabulous recreation...I especially love those boots!


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