Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing major, nothing big

My inspiration for this basic ensemble came from the following photo:

I do like the play of stripes vs. solids and long vs. crop...

Crop Blazer & Jeans - Forever 21
Striped Tunic - from Turkey
Ballet Flats - Cole Haan
Earings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: Was sad to say good-bye to my husband's grandparents this morning as it was their last day. We left for the preschool field trip to Natural History Museum. I kept remembering how many times I have brought the kids to this place and how much they have grown from visit to visit. I get so nostalgic sometimes and they are only 3.5 & 2!
While they were napping my mom and stepdad came over so I can leave for my dentist appt. Which took so much longer than I had expected and was not happy about that. I was late grocery shopping and getting dinner ready afterwards. We all had dinner together. I had to run out to get gas and buy medication for my son (he is going to need an anema!). Finally sat down and we watched 'Inception' together. Mom and stepdad did not like it much but I thought it was cool. Complicated for sure. I have added all the Oscar nominated movies to our netflix que. You know in between all the kid movies we rent so lets see how long it is going to take. We still have movies in there form last year's nominations!


  1. i love this look for you. definitely like your version better with the skinny stripes!


  2. I love outfits that are so basic in nature but have special details that make it stand out! The gold buttons and short over long look make this anything but basic! And I haven't even talked about the pretty details on the shoes.. :)

  3. looks so classy and chic and yes yours is a better version. İ love those shoes!

  4. I like how chic and comfy this is.
    We've had Inception for almost a month now and we haven't even begun to watch it yet.
    No More Sweatpants

  5. Love it! Such a chic, yet simple look!!

  6. I love the striped top with the cropped jacket! So cute!

    Good luck getting through all those movies. I couldn't do it! :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. Lovely simple and chic look- your striped top is just gorgeous!

  8. love this look! it's casual, yet classy! you look amazing (i can't believe you have two kids!)

  9. I like your look even better!

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  11. Daphne! You hit the nail right on the head with this one. You really captured the look while making it your own. Love the sunnies and the fountain in the background. Tres chic!

  12. You really nailed this look..I love it!! Very simple and chic. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love your blog as well. Just b/c we are mommies doesn't mean we can't have style..we just get double props LOL

    BTW I'm now following you and looking forward to reading!!!

    Diary of a Chic Mommy

  13. So chic!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. I love this outfit. And it looks really good on you. Love everything about this... down to jewelry and all. Cute shoes as usual!


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