Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cream and Sugar

So, so loving how this outfit turned out on Saturday. It is just one of those good days where the pieces look better than you imagined when you put them on together. The inspiration came from the following photo in the JCrew Fall/winter catalog:

The minute I saw this I rememberd my almost identical thin cream half t-neck top I bought years and years ago from VS catalog to layer under sweaters or business suits. It is jersey like thin material that looks great.

The only thing I was mising was a really big (somewhat obnoxious) rhinestone necklace like the one in the photo. The one they sell is georgous for sure but I am not to one to pay $200+ for custom jewelry. So I bought mine at Forever 21 online. I wore it already with another outfit paired under a pearly choker. It is a great layering necklace but here worn on its own with a slightly longer one really pops out over the smooth cream top.  At the b-day party I got compliments on them saying they looked like 'heirloom' pieces.

To continue the rhinestone theme added my diamond watch, tiffany bead bracelet and CZ tennis bracelet and this great raised pearl and CZ ring I got from Turkey couple years ago...

The super early b-day present purse goes perfect for the cream hued outfit...

Nude heels were the obvious choice...

For the first part of the day though I couldn't wear heels so wore these silver flats instead:

I was going to add cognac colored belt (she has a cognac colored clutch in the photo) but this distressed silver belt with studs worked much better. Such an old purchase from Target came in handy.

This cream fur jacket just makes the outfit I feel. It is a left over from my mom's old vintage store. She bought these and restored them to their original glory by renewing their lining and fixing any damages. The crop style just looks great.

The Accessories pose on their own... 

Fur Jacket - Vintage
Cream T-neck Top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Jeans - 7's
Belt - Target
Nude Heels - Steve Madden
Necklaces - Forever 21
Bracelets - Tiffany's and gift from mom
Ring - From Turkey
Watch - Bulova
Purse - Michael Kors

Saturday's Activities: Since wanted my husband's grandparents to see my daughter's gym class, all of them went to the gym school while my son and went to friend's son's 1st b-day party. The rest of the gang met us there after the class. It was cold and rainy outside so the party was perfect to burn some energy. They took late and long naps. We had a family friend come to babysit late afternoon while we took Nana and Grandpa to a Casino (Indian reservation) 40 minutes norh east of us in the mountains area. My husband and I are not into gambling at all but the grandparents love it so we like to take them when they visit. We had dinner at the casino restaurant then played a seriuos game of Bingo. They all got machines but I stuck with oldschool paper which was a bit stressfull to keep up. None of us won but we had a great time. We then mostly watched Nana and Grandpa play poker and slots on the machines. We had to pretty much pry them away as it was getting very late. And when we went outside we were in shock to discover it was SNOWING.  And snowing hard for a while. Everywhere was turning white. Our car was covered in snow. I know this is no big deal for folks in cold states but in San Diego this is a mircale. Everyone was taking photos which Nana thought was hilarous coming from New Hampshire. Late night but very fun.

Had to snap these photos of my daughter at the b-day party in her leather 'harley davidson' jacket. My mom bought these ages ago and saved them with the hopes of one day her grandchildren would wear them...I of course thought it would be perfect over tute skirt leggings.

Here we are at the Casino: 

The shocking snow storm:


  1. Great look - love the accessories!!!

  2. you made that fur jacket a celebrity with those accessories and that bag! İ love the picture you sitting down. Looks very cool together and İ am going to copy it with my fur jacket but first have to find a place to go to:) İ see that it was a good choice to give the present so early you have already used it so many times. Juliet looks as cute as anyone could be in that HD jacket! She can carry it well with that look on her face and great pairing with the tulle skirt!


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