Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blasting Muscles

Once again I feel the photos are not quite capturing the colors of this outfit correctly which was really the point of this combinatin. The inspiration to pair green with lavendar came from the following photo:

This was an article on 'rugged boots' and the page contained bunch of stars in their rugged boot outfits. I liked the colors of this one and searched for a lavendar scarf. Found it at the most unexpected place: Big Lots! I have never bought clothing items from that store (usually go for the toys, xmas wrapping stuff etc..) but this one looked totally fine and couldn't argue the $5 price tag.

I felt I needed to add some sparkle to the outfit and these earings gave me exactly what I was looking for:

I have this love vs. dislike thing going on with these pants. I do love their color and the side trim and all the cargo style pockets. I no longer like the rouching on the sides. The ties are stuck so I can't undo it and when I want to wear them boots they feel a bit awkward. Here I tucked them in the boots...

Biker Leather Jacket - Old Wet Seal
White tee- Target
Lavendar scarf - Big Lots (!!!)
Pants - Bebe
Boots - Steve Madden
Earings - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Preschool day today. Had to swap kid duty with my mom as I had to rush to my Dad's last minute Dr appt. My mom came from a work appt so there was this 10 minute gap where I just left the kids at school under the charge of my 2 friends until my mom got there. Somehow it worked out. I was back before they had lunch. I am sooo lucky to have so many family members in the same city and so willing to and happy to spend time with my kids.

After naps motivated myself to go to the gym for another 'muscle blast' class. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it 2 weeks in a row! Trust me I was so tempted just to go to the indoor play area and enjoy a cup of coffee. I resist temptation to flake by getting ready hours before. As soon as the kids went down I took off the above outfit and put gym clothes on. That in itself is commitment.
I am so happy my son is also very supportive by not giving me hard time for leaving them at the 'kids club' in the gym.
Well their play was cut short when my dad showed up so he took them to the mall next door to play outside. We came home for dinner all together.

I pushed my weights up a bit today. Amazing how an hour of exercise has the same effect of a cup of coffee (but obviously much healthier). My body, my muscles just seem to recall what they were supposed to do and I love pushing myself a bit and sweating. Felt great.


  1. You did great recreating the whole look!:D

    Yay for going to the gym!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. i love the olive + color combination. i've been wanting to try this combo, but i have two cargos and i'm not totally in love with either.

  3. You're awesome for going to the gym! I know how hard it is with kids. I have to force myself to run with my baby after dropping the older one off at preschool.

    Love the outfit. The scarf adds a great touch of color and I LOVE the moto jacket!!!

  4. It's so great that you have family around - so helpful!
    What a great outfit. The green and lavender looks so pretty together. :)

  5. You pulled off that outfit copy well. I should start looking in magazines for inspiration. I really do like the scarf. Big Lots for the win.

  6. love this look...i think the pants are super cute! like you, i am so thankful to have family close by to help out with the kids! it makes such a huge difference!

  7. The look is great. the jacket is so beautiful and you managed to put everything together in a very fancy-Alexandra Ambrossio style. She is a great inspiration.
    Yes, sticking to a workout routine is sooo hard so you deserve all the congratulations.

  8. I love that high you get after exercising!! And I always love a good deal! What a cute scarf!

  9. I was just thinking this morning during my workout how much better I felt working out rather than not. It's such a good feeling!

    I think the green and lavender colors came through the photos just fine. You look cute!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  10. Hey,

    I love your poses! You don't need anyone to take your pictures! You are doing a great job yourself!!!


  11. You remind me so much of my friend Sara in that first pic! I love how you take an idea from a magazine and make it work. You look fab!

    And thanks for the support of Secondhand Star! We actually plan to show some DIY projects as well as PLENTY of before and afters. But I'm so glad you asked because that lets us know how important that is!

    Thanks again!

    Tanya xx

    Secondhand Star

  12. great recreation of that that jacket and those killer boots!

  13. Great oufit - that scarf is beautiful on you! I'm trying to get back into the gym thing too - so much harder to manage with a kid - lol!

  14. Looks great babe. That wet seal leather jacket is shining with this combo! İ am so proud of you with the gym and İ want to start Zumba with you;)


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