Thursday, March 3, 2011


This inspiration photo has been in my stack for so long, I wore it just to get it out of there...

I picked it cause it had the jean vest I own. I thought I had a SS t-neck but I don't so my version is a bit warmer.

I buttoned up the vest cause it is one size big on me and open looks even baggier somehow.

I don't have brown booties (although they have almost identical ones like in the inspiration photo at F21 and I am always tempted but never pulled to trigger). I added my animal print booties (relatively new from Forever 21). I usually do not buy cheap shoes but when buying somewhat trendy shoes I am OK going cheaper for affordibility. 

My attempts at creating action photos. Notice how my classes fell to my chin on the left one when I turned!

So, when going to the Dr's with the kids I didn't think I could pull off the heels so wore these boots instead. Not that they are flat but comparitively they are a lot lower!

Overall, it was an OK outfit. The vest is classic denim material which means it is somewhat hard and does not feel that comfy. I felt a little bulky even though it was just two layers on top. Also these winter shorts are high waist and I always feel 'fat' in high waist bottoms. They are just not my thing.

Denim Vest, Heels, Shorts - Forever 21
T-Neck - from Turkey
Shoulder purse (in the casual version) - Juicy Couture
Boots (in the casual version) - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: I say this every Thursday, but I truly love Thursday mornings. After 3 days of rushing out the door in the mornings it feels like a vacation to not have to leave the house until 11 AM! I get to actually sit and finish a cup of coffee while it is still warm! Never hot, hot beverage is not something I have drank since having kids. Usually though I drink literally room temperature cold just to get the caffaine in.
Plus I get to finish up some chores around the house like mid week laundry, emptying DW etc... Kids get to play all around the house (usually whatever section I am in) and it is all very nice. Plus they love swimming so much that they are more than listen to me to get ready and out the door.

After swim, lunch at home and naps we rushed to the Dr's office for my son to get an anema! I don't want to get into details but the kid that lives on fruits and veggies is having poop issues. Thank goodness my mom came to help out with my daughter cause it was a nightmare. I had to go back out to buy the correct liquid then right when we thought we were leaving I had to rush him back to the bathroom. If I had the tote both kids or my daughter for everything I would have been in tears for sure.

After this long afternoon it was so nice for my sister and her boyfriend to come over with dinner in hand. We are really so blessed to have so many supportive family members living so close by.
After a fun dinner I even got to finish putting laundry away and paying the bills while they helped get kids ready for bed. Last night before the big girl's trip. SO EXCITED!


  1. You have some killerlegs! And I really like your outfit, great shoes too!

  2. cute shoes! i think i FINALLY found my leopard pumps...ordered them from victorias secret.

  3. So cute! I love the shorts with tights and those shoes are adorable!

  4. Your shoes are so beautiful. loved them. Via Spiga has, usually very comfortable shoes... I would assume those are as well and the print is gorgeous. nice look.

  5. Love this outfit. I have been hunting for a denim vest for some time, but so far no luck :( I had the best one in high school too. Really wish I had kept it.
    No More Sweatpants

  6. oooh i like these shorts on you :)
    found you via sydney shop girl. you wear great clothes.


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