Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh to be young again

Taking advantage of the contuing cold weather to wear some of the warmer outfits from the list. This was a chictopia inspiration:

Her colors a bit different as her tights are dark orange and the hat green. I stuck with burgandy tights and a purple hue scarf but a black hat...

I probably could have tied the scarf a bit but these photos were taken very fast before we left the house so didn't even have a chance to really check out the outfit in the mirror...

This is my new hat from F21 by the way, I call it the floppy fedora as it has a wider brim but the base is fedora style. Love it. I have it paired in countless outfits both fall/winter and spring/summer...

Cardigan and hat - Forever 21
Mod Dress - Thread Show
Scarf - from Turkey
Tights - We love colors
Loafers - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: The grandparents did not wake up early and did not want to rush out or come with me to the kids' preschool. I didn't feel good about leaving them home alone so we didn't go. Helped them with laundry and breakfast for a while. The weather was great though full of sun so we took the kids to a big park. They ran around like crazy playing in the sand and my daughter climbing every structure she can and my son running around.

After naps I wanted to go to the play area but they were no up for that either so we stayed home. I went a bit stir crazy as I can't stand being in the house with the kids for this long. Had a nice dinner and gave the kids quick showers. Will be playing our last night of cards with them before they head off to Tucson for a month vacation.

Kids posing during my blogshoot: 

My daughter playing in the sand at the park:
She is a typical CA girl, loves to be barefoot and wear sunglasses...

Her crazy climbing adventures: 

The 91 and 89 year old grandparents feeling like kids again. They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last month! Can you beleive that?! 


  1. You look amazing: nice combination of colors!!!

  2. love the colors in your scarf. at least it looks a bit warmer at the park?? congrats to the grandparents...70 years, wow!

  3. Your scarf is so pretty. I love the print. It looks so warm there. Jealous :)

  4. İ love this jacket with the black dress and your scarf can almost speak turkish sooo cute. Cute picture of grandparents on the swing set they look amazing and act amazing. Wish them many more. Juliet is a climbing expert isn't she!!!

  5. love that ! the cardigan and the scarf are so beautiful !

  6. Oh my goodness, I love that last picture of your grandparents on the swingset! What a great picture!

    Your daughter is so adorable with her little bare toes.

    I really love your scarf and the bright tights. You look awesome!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. What a nice mix of the tights and the scarf. The cardigan is beautiful as well but of course, what would we do with out F21?
    Great look.
    Nice pictures, what a beautiful, sunny day.

  8. Love the red tights and that scarf - beautiful!

  9. Fun outfit and your kids look like they had a lot of fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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