Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Color Rotation - Red Day

First off I don't really like this outfit. It was inspired from the following: 

Not that you can read my scribbles there but I originally planned to wear this with my black full skirt and cognac/mustard color t-neck under the red blazer. Except my t-neck is that super chunky thick one and it was too warm for today. Wanting to keep the same color scheme I decided to wear my mustard skirt with a black top instead.  

This jacket is part of that suit I told you guys the story of. Nice to be wearing it again. I added this necklace for some interest.

My shoes which I call 'vintage flats' in my list did go nicely under the outfit.

I like each piece I wore today, I am just not crazy about the combination. And it happens. Not every outfit can be perfect. And my mornings never allow me enough time to correct so I end up wearing the outfit whether I like it or not. :)

Red suit blazer - Ann Taylor
Black top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Mustard cord skirt - Anthropologie
Grey tights - Forever 21
Vintage looking flats - Enzo

Today's Activates: It was preschool again and I gave my final two presentations. This group was much more fun because I know everyone and they know me and the kids so it was more like a fun discussion than a presentation. I love that our teacher came in a very cute dressy top today after sitting in yesterday's presentation and she said she already checked out one of the sites (zappos) I had mentioned. My son, knock on wood (that is a Turkish thing too), has been doing great at school these two days. I practically did not see him the whole time we were there. He sat through all circle times without being told to do so and played so nicely without ever needing me. I was so proud of him. My daughter is a bit more needy and crawled and climbed all around me but at least she didn't cry or interrupt.

After naps my mom came over. She is finally 80% recovered from her bronchitis, the kids and I had not seen her in over a week! The kids were more than happy to stay with her as I left for my Dr Appt. I ran a couple errands before making it home just for dinner. Good think I had prepared a huge pot of chicken potato soup from scratch last night and had it cook in a slow cooker all day today. I stopped by to buy a loaf of fresh French bread and wine to go with it and made salad when I got home. It was a nice dinner together. Unfortunately later I had to pay all our bills which took longer than I would like.


  1. Love the whole outfit, especially the shoes. I really would love to be able to wear skirts. I am finally working on it. Your skirt is great.

  2. The color of your skirt is lovely ... and your shoes look so comfortable, I want them :)

  3. İ love the whole color combination and the grey is great with those brown shoes to my surprise:)
    İt was great seeing you all yesterday finally. The dinner was an unexpected treat and delicious. Seeing you all together around the table and cuddling with kids watching a movie was my highlights of the week!!!

  4. I especially love the shoes and blazer. :)

  5. lovely outfit, I think your finaly decision to change it up was nice! this is such a colorful outfit for such a gloomy day here :)

  6. I loooove that skirt! I'm terrified of red, but I think you rocked it. I haven't started to color rotation yet, mostly because I haven't had regular internet access, but I'm hoping to start soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and to answer your question, I got my earrings in Istanbul back in September. I enjoyed the shopping and the food way too much.

  7. i actually LOVE the outfit...better than the inspiration. this is the way to liven up a "suit"!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you combined red and mustard!


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