Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink Day

Today is the first day of the Color Rotation Challange hosted by Colleen at Scrap and Run.
Here is the order of colors:
Pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and then any pattern
You can check out the rules in this link.

I know it is hard to see but I can assure you the silk blouse is pastel pink...

This blouse is my grandmothers! I love wearing her clothes as it makes me feel closer to her memory. I added the tweed vest for interest and then the broch was a last minute idea. The pink and gold cuff bracelet watch was perfect as well.
I love pairing pink and burgandy. And these skinny cords as I always state is just an amazing purchse from Forever 21 at $14!

Trying a new corner of my house as you can see. This is the back corner of our dining room. The light was good here this morning so there you go a slightly new spot.

If I stood by the table though see how the light catches...Kind of cool...

Silk ruffle front blouse - Vintage - Grandmother's
Tweed Vest - thrifted Banana Republic
Skinny cords - Forever 21
Boots - Newport News Catalog
Broch - old not sure
Watch - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Went to preschool and as I mentioned yesterday I gave a presentation on fashion tips for mommies to the preschool mommies. The structure of the school is a group of  parents take on individual tasks (such as art, outdoor supervision etc...) while the other group sit through a discussion half of the class thent hey rotate. Therefore I had to give the presentation twice so both groups can participate. And tomorrow I will do it twice again to the M&W class. It went pretty well. I started with what made me start my blog then gave tips on shopping which included closet organizing then on dressing and how to start it. When I paused to ask if anyone had questions man did the comments started coming. As I suspected a lot of mommies who are in jeans and a tee, or sweats want to dress up more at heart but don't. It was a great discussion. I hope it was helpful.
Afternoon is going to be running errands and a badly needed grocery shopping. We are out of fruit. Oh no, what will my son eat now!? :)

Here is my daughter once again posing like mommy...They really ask for this I don't make them.
I just love ruffles and tutu skirts with sneakers. And leggings are a must to keep those baby knees scratch free...


  1. Beautiful outfit with awesome details !! I love your blouse, and your daughter is so cute !!!

  2. what a great outfit-totally love it! :) colour rotation is a great idea :)

  3. Hello Daphne ! I answer you question ! I make my pin's myself with a magic machine witch is a toy named "Badge it" by Bandaï. You can turn any little image you like into a pin !

  4. Your shirt is about the same color as the shirt I wore today... very light pink. (I'll post my outfit right after my shower.)

  5. This is very cute...love the light pink with the red

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. İ love this outfit so you! frilly but tough:) the colors are perfect if anybody you are the one İ know that can challenge any color combination. Juliet is adorable looking and i cried i missed you soooo much. İ can never leave away from you guys ! Can't wait till tomorrow.

  7. I forgot to mention how much I love the pants.

  8. The pink and burgundy combo is awesome! Those pants are great. You may have just inspired me to wear my red pants ;)

  9. the pink and red are nice together...but it's the BOOTS! love them! the perfect stylish outfit for the mom presentation!


  10. I so love that pink blouse. And the fashion rules you posted are really good.

  11. Your outfit is amazing.... I adore the color mix of the reds with pink! so so so nice, I think I will 'steal this style' :)
    PS: that includes the watch cuff


  12. Love your pink and your little lady's darling skirt!

  13. Gorgeous outfit - very Kate Middleton - lovely!

  14. My goodness, she's adorable. :)

    I love the pink and red together!!! SO much fun. I'm glad the presentation went well and I hope the next one does too!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  15. Thanks for your comment- I found the colour roatation through your blog so I joined a day late! Red post is up now! ;)

  16. oohhh...love the pink and red together. not a color combo i usually think of but it looks fantastic! i like how you paired with the riding boots and great vest!



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